Displaying Bracelets and Watches…

I instagrammed earlier this week an idea I thought of for storing bracelets and watches. If you are like me and you love beakers and Erlenmeyer flasks, instead of using them as vases use the top to stack your bracelets. It’s a clean solution and looks great displayed on dressers and shelves.

Do you have any clever ideas for storing jewelry?

Wooden Bead Mirror DIY…

Last week I announced that SG has a new DIY contributor. Elise Vaughn has so graciously joined the team to bring some fantastic DIY’s to all of us. Take it away Elise!

Materials: Mirror, Wood Beads, Needle, Thread, Strong Glue.

First of all I found an old mirror that was the perfect size for the intended wall. I removed the mirror from its frame and separated all of the pieces.  You only need the actual glass mirror and the back board from the frame.  Luckily the backboard from my mirror already had holes drilled in it from where the screws held the frame together. (If yours does not already have holes- you will want to drill some for hanging on the wall and any other decorative pieces you may want to hang from the frame.) Next I then glued the mirror directly to the center of the frames back board, making sure that it had even spacing around the edges. My mirror was light enough to use a hot glue gun, however, if your is heavy- definitely use a more industrious strong glue such as gorilla glue or E3000.

Now the real fun begins- sketch out what you want the end result to look like and then gather the appropriate amount of wooden beads for the size of your mirror. For my materials I found bags of unvarnished wood beads in various sizes from my local craft store.  I used a needle and strong thread to string the beads together and then simply glued them directly onto the frame where I wanted them. I used the old screw holes in the back board to thread my suspending bead strings for an extra decorative touch. I added tassels that I made from creme yarn and presto, a quick and easy boho mirror!

Check out Elise’s new kids clothing line here.

Shades of Green…

If you asked me what my favorite color is, I would have to admit that it’s green. I just never get tired of green. Especially certain shades of green. Every shade of green in this boutique hotel had me at hello. The entire space is so fresh and clean. Wouldn’t you love to stay here?!

Images: est Magazine

Easter Pink…

Image: The Style Files

Happy Easter weekend everyone!! I am sure that you are all busy with easter hunts and easter services, but just in case you are surfing the web, here is a lovely spring inspired bedroom that makes me want to use a little pale pink in my home. Check out more of the home below.

BTW, you can also find me here and here.

How to do it right…

I’ve had a lot of clients request more and more DIY’s in their homes. Of course it brings down costs dramatically. It also brings uniqueness and character. I always suggest pairing a DIY with a modern piece just to neglect looking too crafty. Above is a DIY headboard slipcover. The color is right on point and looks so nice with the marble top side table. Bedrooms are always a fun place to practice our DIY skills. Just remember, less is always more.

Inspiration {Patterned Tile}…

Image: Apartment Therapy

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ll notice that patterned tile is all of the rage, especially in bathrooms. Whether it’s tile flooring or tile walls, this look is sweeping the pages of blogs, magazines and Pinterest. This trend keeps bathrooms interesting and stylish. Personally, I would add a black and white pattern in my bathroom tomorrow if I could!

Image: House and Home

Image: iiiinspired

Image: The Lettered Cottage

Image: Flickr

Image: Europa Concorsi

SG’s Newest Member…

Today is a good day! Why?? Because I get to tell you that Simply Grove has expanded and now welcomes Elise Vaughn as SG’s one and only DIY contributor!! Elise and I have worked together in the past (remember Brass Razoo?) and we just get each other. Elise is an amazing clothing designer, jewelry designer and home designer. She can create something magical out of almost nothing. Her creativity is astonishing! So lucky for you and I, she will be bringing DIY’s to all of us that will make our houses that much more beautiful.

PS: Above is just a preview of what’s to come!
PSS:Check out Elise’s ETSY shop and you will want EVERYTHING!

Inspiration {Beach House}…

This beach house is exactly what I would want in a beach house. Relaxing, colorful, serene and fun. The color choices are not overwhelming but still playful enough for a house by the ocean.

See the entire tour here.

The Mimi Sofa…

It can feel challenging to find the perfect sofa. There are so many factors that come in to play when sofa shopping. Perfect color, perfect length, perfect height…the list goes on. But then when you do find that just right for you sofa, it feels soooo rewarding!

The Mimi Sofa, from Swoon Editions, isn’t even released until tomorrow BUT Simply Grove readers get first dibs and a first look at this 3 seater sofa. Isn’t it breathtaking?!?! I’m immediately drawn to the shape. It’s unique but not too unique. The tufting is awesome sauce, and can we talk about those legs?? Perfection. The Mimi features contemporary upholstery in a versatile mink grey shade. The solid oak legs and contrasting sky blue buttons are the perfect finishing touches for this comfortable and chic 3-seater sofa.

Swoon Editions will and can work with any location for shipping, so if you love this, act fast! There are only 70 available.


National Painting Week Project…

I’ve come to realize something in life. Color creates moods, and very specific moods. If you know my style, I do not shy away from color. Saying that, I am very specific and picky with color because of the moods and vibes they give off. For instance, you say green and I say, what shade and hue of green? It can’t be just any green. It has be a super specific green. And speaking of green, that’s exactly the color that I chose for National Painting Week. When Sherwin-Williams asked me to choose a color, Hazel jumped at me! It’s exactly what I want in a green. It’s light, airy, pastely and just plain pretty. The only questionable detail was what I did with this glorious color. I decided to turn a side table that I already owned into a colorful furniture piece for my living space.

As you can see, the table was not in bad condition. It just needed a little pick me up. I bought it a few years back on clearance of clearance of clearance at a local home store. I can’t even remember what the original color was because I’ve repainted it so many times. I’ve never been satisfied with the outcome… until now.

I mean, you have to admit, that is a pretty color!! In fact, someone needs to paint cabinets or an accent wall in this color. Heck, even this on hardwood floors would be stunning.

I am so happy with how this quick and easy project turned out. It just proves again that a little paint can go along way!

For more SWPaintinWeek.com GREEN awesomeness, check out Vintage Revivals nieces bedroom and Four Generations One Roof’s bathroom. And tomorrow be inspired by RED with Thistlewood Farm, I Heart Nap Time and House Of Earnest.

This blog post was written as part of a collaboration with Sherwin-Williams. I received compensation and all words and opinions are my own. 

Guest Post {Remodelista}…

Today I am super excited to have Editor in Chief of Remodelista, Julie Carlson, share with us a major tend alert that we are seeing everywhere. Overdying has become a movement and we are embracing this movement. Julie and the team of Remodelista have created a phenomenal one stop shop site that has people from all over the world drooling for more. I know that I personally cannot get enough. So please enjoy this guest post and please note, next week I have a very special giveaway that has to do with Remodelista!!

We first started noticing rumblings of the overdying trend when we admired Diesel’s Successful Living collection, featuring tables and chairs stained in variegated shades of indigo. Then, when ABC Carpet came out with its Reform Rugs collection of vintage carpets dyed in vibrant shades of fuchsia, turquoise, and crimson, we took note (not coincidentally, Restoration Hardware has just come out with its own line of overdyed rugs called Color-Wash).

And not long ago we posted about artisan furniture maker Sawkille’s latest designs, made from bleached hardwood, which takes well to color (they hand mix their own transparent wood dyes in shades of indigo and royal blue).

Flooring companies are getting in on the act as well, with companies like Timeline Wood in Los Angeles offering stained wood flooring in shades like Blue Chalk, Tomato Peel, and New Orange.

Finally, we called it a trend when we spotted the Nordic Spruce Box colorwashed cabinet by Belgian design collective Labt displayed at Maison Objet in January.

Stringed Lights…

Image: Alvhem

I’ve had clients ask me for fun accessory ideas for the bedroom. Because it is the space that we retire to after a longs days worth, I like to keep bedrooms serene and airy. One accessory that can add whimsy and still look stylish is stringed lights. They can leave the prettiest glow at night and even during the day. Here are some images to keep you dreaming of a serene bedroom.

Image: Fancy

Image: Design* Sponge

Image: House Number 15

The Perfect Accessory…

I instagramed about these stylish candlestick holders by Design By Conran last week. They are the perfect accessory to add to any vignette that you are creating. And did I mention that they are ONLY $11.99 right now?!? That’s amazing! You need to purchase 1…or 3!

(Blanket by Happy Habitat.)

Milan Design Week…

I wanted to share with a few new designs straight from Milan Design Week 2014. These La-Dina chairs are pretty much my jam. They have such a delicate approach that isn’t too feminine. The colors are right on point!

I am constantly looking for a new accent table for clients. These Torei Family tables are great accent pieces for a plethora of spaces. And that marble top table?? Amazing.

Here is an option for the lounger in all of us. Ladle Family loves us and created these ultra stylish lounge chairs. Perfect for the living room, bedroom and even office.

Painting Teaser…

Hi friends!! Is your week off to a good start? I’m having a hard time starting, even if it is already Tuesday. I feel like I’ve had too many vacation/spring break days and it’s throwing my jive off a bit. But I’m back and I’m working on some really great projects. I get to throw you a teaser today from a project I completed with Sherwin-Williams. Remember this bedroom paint project that I teamed up with Sherwin-Williams for National Painting Week last year? It really did change the feel of my bedroom and I still LOVE IT! This year I tackled a side table project using one of my favorite SW spring colors. You’ll have to wait until next week to see the before and after.