12 modern oil diffusers via Simply Grove

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12 Modern Oil Diffusers

12 modern oil diffusers via Simply Grove

You already know, in order for me to really love something that is functional and put it on display in my home it needs to be aesthetically pleasing. Lets be honest, the ever more popular essential oil diffusers really need an upgrade in their looks. But lucky for you I was able to find the most modern looking ones out there and put them all in one convenient spot for you! We don’t currently have one, but, now that I finally have found some worth putting on display I might have to give in.

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  • Essential Oil Diffuser – Airome Ultrasonic Diffuser – Harmony – Candle Warmers Etc. from Target $24.99
  • Stadler Form™ Mia Aroma Diffuser from Bed Bath & Beyond $39.99
  • Aromasource™ Mysto™ Diffuser from Bed Bath & Beyond $39.99
  • Modern Essential Oil Diffuser from Urban Outfitters $59

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  • Stadler Form™ Jasmine Aroma Diffuser from Bed Bath & Beyond $59.99
  • Supernova Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser from Nordstrom $69.99
  • Ona Essential Oil Diffuser from DIGS $79.95
  • Stadler Form Julia from Target $79.99

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  • Ellia Adore Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser with Remote from Bed Bath & Beyond $79.99
  • Porcelain Essential Oil Diffuser from Nordstrom $119
  • Toast Living USA Casa-Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser from Amazon $144.99
  • Aromini™ Deluxe from Aromatech $299


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