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Sometimes I purposely stay offline to make sure that I stay somewhat authentic and original to who I am as a designer. But at the same time, i think it’s super important as a blogger and designer to know what’s happening in the giant world of design. This weekend I spent sometime browsing the internet. On my quest, I found two “new to me” blogs that I wanted to give a quick shout out to. Yellow Brick Home and Grey and Scout are both stocked full of inspiration, DIY’s and great design tips. Check them out and make sure to give them some social media love!

PS: Both Yellow Brick Home and I are up for BHG’s Best Decorating Blog. Go here to vote vote vote.

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Comments (2)

  1. I just fell down the Grey and Scout rabbit hole – thank you for introducing me to them, and thank you for including little ol’ us! So flattered. I’ve been really enjoying the amazing company in our BHG category!

  2. Ha! “Rabbit hole”, I love it. So thrilled you discovered Grey and Scout! Totally get trying to unplug to stay true to your aesthetic/style…but I’m glad you stumbled upon me 🙂 Looking forward to digging into your beautiful blog and Yellow Brick Home’s blog. Love connecting with talented people in this highly saturated interior design blog word. Good luck to both of you on BHG’s best decorating blog contest!