2 ladies have dipped into the design world and love it. So do we prefer Ivanka Trump as a designer or Julianne Moore?? What do you think?
Ivanka decorates her assistants apartment which
was featured in Glamour.

  • julianne moore's decorating
  • julianne moore's decorating
  • Julianne decorates her stylist’s apartment which
  • was featured in Domino.

I really enjoy creating rooms in my head. There are endless possibility’s and endless options for furniture, accessories, ect, and sometimes when I am in the mood to redo something its best to just design it in my head or else I would change things in my house ALL OF THE TIME or change my mind on design projects constantly.
I saw this couch at Lee Furniture and thought it would be fun to create a family lounge around it so here is my lounge idea!

Lee Furniture & Binth


I finally accomplished one of my wallpaper projects. Im not quite sure if I personally will finish anymore because I cant stand wallpapering!! I am not the best at it but my husband on the other hand is great at it. He is a perfectionist and I am not. He likes to take his time and I want to move fast. I am to curious about the end result to take my sweet time.
I love how it turned out and I cant wait to finish the room now with furniture and accessories.





Shawn Lovell Tree bed

I thought this bed by Shawn Lovell Metalworks
was so interesting and quirky.
Have a wonderful weekend!