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Peter Frank

One job that I would be more than willing to take is a prop/set designer. I cant imagine a better design job. Its as if you are an artist starting with a blank canvas. You are able to create something beautiful and use furniture, accessory’s and art to complete the picture. (I get giddy just […]

Cutie room of the day

Knack StudioCheck out Barb’s latest before and after here.

Magazine Monday

Every Monday I will be posting my favorite magazine of the week and why. Maybe it was an article that stood out to me or a room that I fell in love with.This weeks pick is Belle. June/July’s issue (yes, I am a little behind) is all about what Luxury means today.Hmmm, good question. For […]

Yay, its a new week!!

Happy Monday everyone!Anthropologie is having a great sale on there dishes so I decided to do a mini plate wall to display my adorable finds. My favorite dish is the middle one with the butterfly!

I Spy…

I found a few great products at Angela Adams. Rugs must be on my mind because I fell in love with 2 of her rugs. I also adore the Morning Wing’s print! Next week i am going to be starting some new weekly posts so stay tuned for that. Also I have some new photos […]

Pink Deco

I love pink powder rooms but I’m not sure what I think about this room with its strong deco paper. What do you think?? Living Etc

Top Floor

Going along with my flooring topic from last week are these rugs that are about the coolest things out there right now. I found them today on Brocade Design’s fabulous blog. How amazing are these against dark hardwood!?

Jennifer Squires

Jennifer Squires has already been seen around the blogging community and has made a stop here on SimplyGrove. She is a fabulous photographer with a gorgeous portfolio. Check out more of her work here.

And while Im at it….

Weego is having a great sale on some accessories.

My Saturday

I usually never post about personal things and I usually never blog on Saturdays but I thought doing both are well deserved today!I have had the luxury of having my mom within 5 to 15 miles from me my whole life. Well today that changed! She has started a new chapter in her life which […]

Happy Weekend!! Have an extra fun weekend! Cookie Home Tour seen on A CUP OF JO

Robin Moore Ede Art

I received 2 beautiful prints in the mail this week from Piers Moore Ede whom has started a business, Robin Moore Ede Art, with his father, Robin Moore Ede, a British Interior Designer since the 1960’s. They print images onto a handmade paper from India. They call them “Watergraphs” which is a term that seems […]


I have been thinking alot about how I want to rip out all my downstairs carpet but unfortunately budget does not allow. We wanted hardwood floors to cover all of our downstairs when we were in the process of building but it just couldn’t happen in every room. My carpet has become dull and worn […]

Wallpaper Project

So my wonderful hubby hung wallpaper for me ( if you know me you know I can’t stand hanging wallpaper) Monday night and I absolutely love how it turned out!! I decided to go with a flock design in white with a light mocha background. It immediately gave our master bedroom a great focal wall […]


Its been a super hot day today in my neck of the woods. This pool would have been perfect for me to lounge at!Happy Monday everyone. I have lots of fun stuff coming for this week including a project that my husband has been working on in our abode. See you all soon!Richard Powers for […]