Monthly Archives: September 2009

My cheery mirror in Real Living!!!

A friend and SG reader emailed me last week and told me that my yellow mirror is in the November issue of Real Living in the “Your Thoughts” section. Yippee! I wont be able to see it for awhile since it takes a bit longer to get here from Australia. So Australian peeps, let me […]

Les Bois Tuesday: Paisley Roberts….

I am excited to introduce you to a new installment here on Simply Grove. I have had quite a few local SG readers request tips and suggestions on shops, design and cool finds here in Boise. Well I welcome you to Les Bois Tuesday. Every Tuesday I will be introducing and or re- introducing you […]

New but Old…..

I wanted to give my sofa a fall makeover but not spend alot of money. I found some plaid shirts that hubby and I grew tired of and made a few pillows out of the fabric. I also found some ultra cheep vintage fabric from a consignment shop and made a few more pillows. There […]

Good day…..

Hello Monday! Its nice to see you. You are the start of a great week and the start of some fun posts. Don’t go by to quickly because I have alot to do today. And please be nice to all of my peeps out there! God bless ya Monday:)Lovely blue bedroom images via A.T, House […]

3 things to love….oops, I mean 5.

1. Bold pieces.3. Cute shades.3. A lovely Etsy.4. Chairs and a table that need to be in my house.5. Gray Posies.images via room 123 (via Desire to Inspire), My Deco, inklore, Jill Stuarts home (via Elle Decor) and Etsy.

Saidos Da Concha……

There are certain images I see that make me think a big Wow.I am sure that alot of you have heard of Constança Cabral and her Etsy shop as well as her blog. I have seen her name and her work around the web but just recently sat down to take a good look at […]

Some more…..

We received our family pictures today in the mail from Yan Photography and I just had to post these 3 images. The first one explains Shane and I very well. Haha. The second one explains why I married this hottie!! (Hopefully you are not mad that I posted this picture babe!!) And the third one, […]

I won……

9 years ago today I married “the one”. Yep, I married the love of my life.To the hottest and greatest man alive, Happy Anniversary babe!!!!

Genevieve Wiseman……

I have the utmost appreciation and love for Stylists. I don’t think that there is a better job out there if design is your cup of tea. With that being said Genevieve Wiseman is one of those design Genius’s. She is a Photo Stylist who does roomsets, tabletop, editorial & advertising. Her portfolio is stacked […]

Hi Bye…….

Yipper Skipper its Monday!! I am having family day today with my cuties. I will be back tomorrow with a lovely post about a lovely Stylist so make sure you check back. xxMy .59 cent art.

3 things to love….

1. A twist on the traditional wreathe.2. What most my week looked like due to runny noses and tired children. (This is what they do when they watch TV:)3. A meaningful art piece.via Knock Knocking (found via The Red Otter Shop) and design is mine. Have a great weekend!!! See you on Monday!


Here is the last kiddo room on this tour. We have a “bonus room” upstairs near the kids rooms that we turned into an all out play room. Nothing about it is adult. There are books, toys, art projects and games that fill this room and sometimes fill it to full. Oh well.This room is […]

My Ethan’s Room….

My son is much more organized and clean by nature then my daughter. Ethan has a place for everything and MUST have a clean room before he goes to sleep every night. I gave him a space without clutter so that it would be easy to clean and organize. I also tried to create a […]

My Eden’s Room….

I have shown a few images of my kid’s rooms in the past but I thought I would give you more of a tour today. We will start with Eden’s room.My Eden Jo is full of personality so I felt her space needed to be fun and whimsical. My dad painted a quote on the […]


I thought these spaces were cute. Quirky and chic. Just the way I like things to be.Found via visual notes.