I am popping in to do a list for 2011 for me, from me.  Erin wrote a list here and so did Bri.  Totally loved the idea so here you go.

1.  Every year you say, “its time to learn to sew”.  Well, DO IT!

2.  Repeat after me.  Budget budget budget.  You know it works so keep charging ahead.

3.  Have your friend Kate teach you how to make a fishtail braid.  Eden always wants one and you can’t figure out how to do it.

4.  You always talk with your friends about taking an all girls trip somewhere, and since its your 30th this year, go for it!!  Paris maybe??

5.  Buy more paper goods.

6.  Spoil your hubby!  How fun would it be to buy him a thoughtful gift every week, even if it is little.

7.  Didn’t you quit piano lessons as a kid and don’t you really regret it??  You should woman up and take some lessons!!

8.  You know you wish that you had been born with a green thumb.  Lets pretend you were and give it a shot this year!!  Maybe a salsa garden.  YUM!

9.  Risks are part of your lifestyle but sometimes you stop because of fear of failing.  I have a feeling that 2011 will be a year of well thought out, prayed out and successful risk taking!!

10.  Send some random gifts to some of your web friends.  They mean alot to you and you want them to know how much you adore them!

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Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!  See you all very soon!!!!!! xxoo






Her face says it all...

Can you believe it?  Christmas is over!!  How did it go by SO fast??  I hope you had a super fun and festive Christmas!  We had a lovely time making new traditions with our kids.  One of them was creating a giant bed in the playroom and having a slumber party with the kids on Christmas Eve.  I have to admit, I only lasted until 3am.  (My bed was calling my name!)  It was still extremely fun!!  Our holiday vacation isn’t over yet.  We are leaving in the next couple days to go find some snow, lots of snow.  I will be back to posting on Monday!!

One more thing before I leave.  I am totally disturbed by something.  I got a few emails saying that my old blog was back on google reader and my posts are being re-posted.  Its not me re-posting them and the last I knew, that blog was canceled.  Its not me posting and I can’t stand that they are posting pics of my kids.  So , if you have any advice for me, please let me know!  I am going to fill out a google complaint and see what happens.  Also, if you are still subscribed to the old blog, please cancel it asap.  (It happened to be cousin too.)

See you soon!!

(I love this pic of my daughter.)






Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas friends!!!  I hope that you all have a blessed week and weekend.  I will be back a bit next week and full force after the New Year.  2011 is going to be the best year yet!!  I believe it with all of my heart.

Kids images taken by Amber Fischer for LaPetite.

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Isn’t this pretty??  I will take all of it please!!

via Emmas Designblogg via Vosges Paris.






Bonnie of Going Home To Roost just launched Celebrate Magazine.  You have to check it out!!  50 free pages of instant gifts, diy projects, recipes, free downloads and more.  I got a few gift wrapping ideas and felt inspired for Christmas.  Great job Bonnie!!



I am a big Turquoise fan.  And by Turquoise I mean Vanessa De Vargas.  This LA based furniture designer and interior decorator has a fantastic portfolio and has been featured in many publications.  (Read more here.)  I follow her on twitter and I love seeing what new projects she is working on.  So…..of course her {one space} is gorg!!

In this image you capture each layer and texture that works so cohesively but also works to not be too overpowering.  I guess what I love most about this room is that many colors and eras are represented but if feels warm and exciting at the same time.  Makes you want to visit and stay awhile.
Thanks Vanessa!!

via David Jimenez



This is great idea for either lining your entryway or using as centerpieces.  Its timeless, organic and so stylish.

via Me and Alice.






Annaleena's bedroom...

This bedroom is pure bliss.

Found via Bodie and Fou.  Belongs to Annaleena of Hem.






just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there
Today’s post is a little different from the norm.  Last night a hero, a father to many and a man of great faith, my uncle passed away after battling cancer for 6 years.  He lived everyday up to his death, as if it were his last.  He loved everyone, served his city, believed the possible in impossible situations and fought for unity when there was none.  My life is what it is today because of both my Uncle Wendell and Aunt Gini.  When my life got “weird” as a junior higher, they believed in me, loved me and encouraged the heck out of me.  And now, he is with Jesus.  Free of pain.  The happiest he has ever been.

Read about him here.

image via The 10 Cent Designer.






Eden in Dwell...

My kids are counting down the “sleeps” until the big day.  Unfortunately I’m not even done with their shopping.  I plan to do the rest on Monday and then call it good!  We also have a few toy drives to purchase for including filling a stocking with toys for refugee children in our area.  My kids love shopping for others and Ethan even offered to give one of his gifts under the tree to someone else.  He made me one proud momma!!!

How are your plans??  Done with shopping?  Overwhelmed or underwhelmed?  Or Both!!?  haha.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!! xxoo

via Eden Jo posing in her Dwell robe.






1.  Now this is what I call dollhouse holiday decor.

2.  Perfect DIY ornament.

3.  Naturally beautiful.






Today I am continuing the Blog For Digs event, following Taryn of Sage & Style.  This initiative was launched by fellow blogger Claudia Clobes of Stonehouse Love as a mission to benefit Dwell with Dignity, a non-profit group of interior designers dedicated to creating homes for families struggling with poverty.  The theme is “My childhood bedroom was…” also including a a decor item that you wish you had in your bedroom back then.

My childhood bedroom resembled something like this image above.  The only difference was that my room was a little more organized (surprisingly) and the wallpaper was a stripe on the top and polka dots on the bottom…with a matching comforter, I might add!  I was very particular about my rainbow color scheme and working my toys into the theme of my bedroom.  (My poor mom.  I’m sure she looked at me wondering where I came from.)  Oh, and I almost forgot about the 2 zones in my room.  Zone 1 was my play area and zone 2 was my sleeping and reading area.  The two rarely met.  Oh geeeeezzz!!!

Even as a child, I loved lighting.  I always thought good lighting made someone happy or sad.  FUNNY, I know.  I would have loved a creative light fixture in my room.  Heck, I would have loved the whole room (above) with of course some added pink.

Check out Sarah Bohl Design’s childhood bedroom tomorrow.  Also take a moment to visit the Dwell with Dignity website and donate to help create beautiful rooms for children and parents in need.



You know who this fabulous stylist is.  You know what she won.  You know how darn talented she is.  But I bet you didn’t know her thoughts on Christmas.  Don’t worry.  I asked her for all of us.

How do you determine Christmas Decor?  a. Color themes?  b. Traditions passed down?

Its so funny because i’m not really a grown up yet so i don’t really decorate.  When we lived in new york our place was so small that i couldn’t handle the extra stuff.  But, one time we had a christmas party where i invited a bunch of my fancier stylist friends who had never been over before and i was too busy to decorate so i let my husband take over (he’s much more nostalgic when it comes to holiday traditions than i am).  I came home to pre-made gift wrapping bows (you know the ones that you buy at the 99 cent store that you just pop on top of the present?) all over the walls, and i mean like crazy person polka dottying the walls.  The self-conscious pretentious side of me was like, ‘no way, how embarrassing’ but then the ‘i don’t really care what people think of me’ side chimed in real fast and i was like ‘hell, yes, of course we put 99cent bows on the walls as decoration.  Long story short, I’m a big fan of whatever makes the environment more fun and inviting.  If that means doing themes, go for it.  I’m not fussy and as much as i love the idea of crafting i have the patience of a hungry puppy at breakfast, so i like myself a really low maintenance decorations.

Speaking of traditions, what is your favorite tradition?

Inviting friends over to trim the tree.  It’s like guaranteed fun.  Wine, Bing Crosby, warm fire (which in LA is virtually useless, except during that 10 days of winter we get here, its pretty awesome).  My husband always secretly leaves, changes into his santa suit, and then knocks on the door and does a whole santa routine for our friends…and he says he is not ready for kids.  Yeah right.   It’s always a total blast.

Ooh, i just thought of another one.  Christmas day we always watch ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Elf’.  I love them both very very much.

Do you prefer real or faux trees?

I prefer real because of nostalgia.  The shopping for it, strapping it to the car, trying to find the tree stand which we never find and always just buy a new one…and the smell, forget about it.  I do think that faux trees can be great, though.  But if I were to get faux i would get the vintage silver trees – i don’t like it when something fake is trying to be real.

How early do you listen to Christmas music??  (Please be like me and say after Halloween!!!!)

Unfortunately i would say about 10 days before christmas, as soon as i have time off I really get into the mood.  In New York it was earlier because it would get so cold and feel like winter, but in LA it just sneaks up on me.  But i do love a good christmas music.  My favorites are, ‘I’ll be home for christmas to Wham’s ‘Last christmas’ to ‘Baby its cold outside’. OMG this is so getting me in the mood.

Are you most likely to have a mod Christmas or a kitschy Christmas?

OOH, i love both. Last year there were so many Mad Men parties that were pretty awesome to go to, so I would say i’m pretty into that this year, too.

Favorite Christmas smell?

Apple cider, christmas tree, roast.  i love many a christmas smell.

Thanks Emily!!!!

BTW, her new show, Secrets From A Stylist,  is scheduled for March 2011.  Must we have to wait that long??!!!






Office redo...

I need reminded of dances...right?

Lets talk...

Office Redo...

Art from Great Uncle...

Here it is!!  My week long project for the hubbymister.  You like??  NOW, we still have to lay down white wood floors and I need to find shelving for storage so its not totally complete.  But way farther in the process than last week!!!  This poor room has been everything under the sun since we moved in almost 5 years ago.  (Here and here.) Hopefully it will stay as the office for the rest of our time in this house.

A few pieces to point out.  The painting was painted by one of my many talented family members.  I inherited from my mom who got it from my grandma.  I found the dance tags, the 2 small pictures, shoe form and vintage wooden chair at a local vintage haven, The Shabby House.  The desk and chair are both from Brass Razoo and I found the clock at Marshalls for dirt cheap.

All in all it was SUPER inexpensive and so worth the work because he LOVES IT!!  Yay!!!






Have I told you that I am on the search for a new sofa??  Yes, I actually NEED a sofa.  You see, I don’t have one right now.  Being in the furniture and reclaiming business, you tend to go through furniture rather quickly.  Almost like people go through wardrobes, I go through furniture.  (Maybe not that extreme.)  I  really liked my last sofa but it was time to part ways.  Or at least my business partner, Elise thought so.  (Funny story for another day.)  I am praying for the one pictured above.  Amazing space, huh??  And that sofa is DIVINE!  So if you think of me throughout the day, say a quick prayer for some sofa favor.  (Did I mention my budget is next to nothing??)  Amen!

via Desire To Inspire.