Remember Brass Razoo??  The amazing boutique owned by Elise Vaughn?  Where I sold custom furniture?  Well, Elise has ventured out and launched a new web site!  You will find INSANE jewelry on there right now.  And expect vintage, designer vintage and re designed vintage clothing and accessories within the month.  I would wear EVERY SINGLE PIECE!  Congrats Elise!  You are amazing.

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The newest Rue is my favorite issue yet!!  All about Global, this issue has homes ranging all over the world.  The Iceland home (pg 78) took my breath away.  The contrast of styles of furniture, colors and texture is divine!!

Love it Rue!!



These pillows make me happy!



Hey peeps!!  I am starting a new series here on SG.  (It won’t be every week and please don’t think that I think that I came up with this idea.  I didn’t!)  I get alot of emails asking if there are cheaper solutions for furniture and accessories that are posted on SG or around the web.  So I thought I would take some of those pieces and suggest a more inexpensive route to go.

First off is the classic Eames Molded Plywood Chair.  I adore this chair!!!  If I could, I would outfit a whole dining table with these chairs.  But for the price…not right now.  The Modernist chair from Urban Outfitters is a great match to consider.  Similar modern lines, subtle curves and (what I’ve read) very sturdy.  I dig it!

What do you think of this series??  I would love to know!!  And if you have a product that you would like matched, email me at