I have been severely in to color this last week!  I color blocked my fireplace, which I love but is only temporary (I think).  I also worked on a project that involved giant colorful scalene triangles.  There is something energizing about color against a white backdrop.  I highly recommend it!!



Pendant by Objeti, Manny Console by Structured Green and Drawer Pulls by Pigeon Toe.

Check out Fast Company here.



The pillows, print and lights are music to my ears.

via Bolig Liv.



Here is what I got so far!  Most of it was designed and made by the one and only, HUBBY!  Honestly, my husband should take over Simply Grove.  He is just way too good.

So far we have… a sofa, coffee table, bed, slipper chair, dining table and one dining chair, rug and pillows made from vintage wallpaper, rug and blanket for bed used from a fabric sample from elime home and a gold frame that needs some pop art.

I just ordered some PHAT accessories and a couple furniture pieces last night off of Etsy.  This is SO FUN!!!

So, what do you think so far??  It’s evolving into a handmade modern house with little pops of color, zipping through.  I heart it.