I just had to share with you images of one of my favorite new pillows in our house.  Mr. Chimp is part of the EJH Brand collection.  EJH Brand carries pillows, candles, artwork and more.  You must check out their awesomeness for yourself!

Mr. Chimp usually lives in my living room but Ethan decided to steal him for himself.  Also, the star war prints you see are designed by Handz.  I’ll post more pics later!



I’ve had lots of clients and friends ask the question ‘how can I incorporate more color in my living room without being cheesy?”  I always encourage them to add color in the form of pillows and blankets.  It’s easy, cheap and when you get tired of it, move on to something else.  That’s why this blanket from HomeMint is the perfect must have for any home.  I love that it’s hand crocheted!  The colors are vibrant and poppy, giving your room lots of personality.

This blanket is apart of my HomeMint picks that you can find here.  If you decide to shop my sale, make sure to log in and take the style quiz in order to view my page, if you aren’t already a member of HomeMint.  AND if you purchase anything from my sale you will receive a FREE CANDLE from the HomeMint Candle Collection.   Make sure to add the candle to your cart and use promo code WATRLILY at checkout.



If you need a beautiful and unique gift or if you’re in need of something special for your home, you must check out SG’s sponsor  Baum-Kuchen.  Baum-Kuchen has curated a unique collection of objects for their shop.  Their shop mantra is “simply beautiful, emotionally durable… and very very useful”.  The mt Masking tape collection has every color of washi tape that you need.  I personally have my eye on the 4th Market pieces.  Especially the Ricotta Milk Pot.

Happy Shopping!




I have seen alot of cool products and designs throughout the years, so at times I feel unimpressed with average.  This product reminds me of why I love design SO much because it so far above average!  I introduce you to the Twist Original DIY Mattress Design.  Most of us know that all natural mattresses can be very expensive, so why not make your own?!  Each kit contains a set of modular, 100% cotton canvas covers you put together to create a mattress.  Detailed instructions are included and you will not need any special tools or skills to construct your mattress, simply fill your covers, tie them shut and twist them together.

There are two types of DIY mattress kits.  One is a set of pre-sewn covers (the Twist Original) that you simply fill with any natural material you wish and twist together into a mattress.  The second design, the Twist Easy Kit, is less showy, more economical and easier to construct.  Both are too be filled with all natural buckwheat hulls.

You must head over to Open Your Eyes Bedding and check this all out for yourself!

Another huge questions people have is how to sleep guests when you have no guest room?  All you need is a modern sofa bed in your living space that looks like a sofa but unfolds into a comfy bed for guests.



Easily one of my favorite online shops, Son & Dotter, sent me the classic vase in yellow to curate and do with what I wanted.  I found a little collection of ceramics to pair it with as well as styling it on my mantle (seen on Son & Dotter).  This vase goes with EVERYTHING!  I’m in love.  And speaking of Son & Dotter, have you shopped there recently??  It’s pure scandinavian design heaven!







Between Instagramming for Rue and instagramming for myself, I captured some highlights from this past week, including a giant light from Latta and a beautiful hike with a bestie.

I hope that you all had an amazing week!  I will see you sooner than later.  xxoo

I also write for BHG Style Spotters-

Runway to color palette: peach is for you.


Hanging pot DIY.

Cool Mom Picks-

Scandinavian Fleece Hate.

Zara Home.

Poketo Tea Towels.

Mix and match blocks.




This home, featured in Bolig, has the prettiest details weaved throughout each room.  From the soothing color palette to the patterns, textiles and art.  It seems as if not one detail has gone unnoticed.


Issue 9 of La Petite Magazine is out as of yesterday and it’s so good!  You’ll find lots of lovely fashion, DIY’s and Decor ideas.  Also, check out my quick tips for kid’s spaces and nurseries.  Above are a few of my favorite room features from this issue.  To see more, go visit La Petite Magazine today!

Great job La Petite team!!


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Hi friends!  If you are on Instagram today, come visit me over at Rue Magazine‘s Instagram.  I’ve taken over their Instagram and I’m giving everyone a peek into my day.  So come on over these last few hours of this wonderful day! xxoo






There is something so cool about this living space.  The modern bones feel softened by the green velvet furniture pieces.  And the lines of that coffee table are divine!  Here’s some ideas of how to interpret this room, on a budget.

1. DIY Origami sheets. $4.50.  2. Zuri Coffee Table from Crate & Barrel.  $479.  3. Inhabit Pillow from 2Modern.  $58.00.  4. Leaning Vase via Anthropologie. $58.00.  5. Tina Crespo For Society6 Salt Water Cure Print from Urban Outfitters. $24.00  6. The Snowdrop Sofa from Sofa.com. $2,070.00.



This DIY shelving unit seen on A Beautiful Mess, seems easy enough and gives off the the perfect industrial feel for any space.  If you have a small space and need extra storage, check this DIY out for yourself.

Also, another great DIY for small spaces or large spaces alike is the Dorm tape picture frame seen on Design* Sponge.  Perfect for rentals, dorm rooms and any other temporary space.


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We woke up to chilly weather this morning.  It put me in the mood to search for cozy spaces on Pinterest.  This dining room wins the award!  The wood paneling creates a cottage like experience and I love the stacked wood.

Is it getting cold in your neck of the woods?

via undecorate.



I’m thrilled to share with you this amazing house tour featured on Design*Sponge today.  Welcome to the Kren farm, owned by one of my dearest friends and her adorable family.  Joyce Alexander, who is a fantastic photographer, and myself (I styled the shoot) were thrilled to capture the beauty of this home.  Go on over to D*S and feast your eyes on the rest of this tour!


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As a child I had the opportunity to live in some beautiful locations here in America.  I was born right outside of Bend Oregon and then shortly there after moved to Jackson Hole Wyoming.  After living there for a few years we moved right outside the border of the Columbia River in Washington.  Then we moved back to Bend, followed by Seattle and then landing in Boise.  One thing that most of these places had in common were Aspen trees.  I’ve had Aspens outside many windows for as long as I can remember.  In fact, after my husband and I bought our first home, it felt incomplete without Aspens.  So we planted 3 outside of our living room.  This painting, (above) which is included in Art.com’s Americana gallery, creates a warm feeling for me.  It’s apart of my childhood into adulthood.  There are quite a few Americana pieces on Art.com that remind me of why I am proud to be an American (great song).

And now after writing more than usual (are you proud of me?) this month, Art.com’s Pinterest followers will have a chance to win a $500 Art.com shopping spree.  All you need to do is go now and follow Art.com’s Pinterest Boards.  Don’t miss your chance to win!

This post was in partnership with Art.com.





Hi friends!  So, apparently Simply Grove has been having some major server issues which has caused this blog to not be updated in most feeds, along with other stupid issues (like only being available to view 40% of the day) that are beyond me because I am a non-web-brain.  It’s been happening for over a month now and because if these issues, I’ve lost readers and subscribers.  My apologies for letting it happen for as long as it did.  My mommy brain didn’t investigate thoroughly like it should have.  I am planning on switching hosts this weekend because it crashed again this morning BUT don’t you worry, the party is back in play and I promise you that Simply Grove will be a consistent, design resource for you for years to come!  Also, if you are one of the readers that haven’t seen posts since September 12th, take a looky at the last few weeks.  There’s some fun stuff back there!