24 Hours in Boise Idaho

This week I was able to share some of my favorite moments of my hometown, Boise Idaho on Design Sponge. Boise has been an amazing city to live in these past 16 years. I am so proud of the city we are developing into. Anyways, you can head over to Design Sponge to see the entire post. And if I missed any of you awesome Boise businesses, my apologies! I might need to a part two on my blog.

Also, head over to my Facebook page for pictures from my Georgia trip. I had a great time at Haven Conference, representing GMC and Habitat For Humanity. See more here.

AND you find me elsewhere-

Take the inside outdoors.
How to choose the perfect chandelier.


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  1. I’m so pumped about this list! Our family is always looking for new places to try out in Boise. Thinking I need to put Guru Donuts on my to do list tomorrow… (also Goodys wasn’t on there, is it not cool anymore!?)