3 Different Ways…

The other day while working at Brass Razoo, I had a few moments to spare so I decided to style a desk (that sold to this lovely chic).  I had the table made by a close friends dad.  He did a fantastic job!!  Anyhoot, I styled it 3 different ways with some of our products at Brass Razoo.  (Everything seen is for sale.)  Let me know what your fave look is!!
Table 3 ways...

Layed back chic.

Table 3 ways...

Modern in a lodge.

Table 3 ways...

Girly times.

18 comments on “3 Different Ways…

  1. Melissa de la fuente on said:

    Well, first of all…that table is gorgeous! Love the legs so much…:) Secondly, what a great idea, I love number 2 and 3 the best! Lovely…

  2. Layed back chic is definitely me, with maybe swapping the chair from #3. It looks comfy!

  3. Melissa Allam on said:

    First of all, that is an absolutely gorgeous table. Wish I could go shopping at Brass Razoo. I would have been very tempted to buy it. I like style number 1.

  4. Shannon on said:

    NUMBER 1
    Because I love that tray and LOVE that hunk of wood

  5. I think I love #1 best…Also I thought that sweater vase was much larger-I’m loving it even more knowing it’s on the smaller side!

  6. Behind the Lashes on said:

    I’m all in for 3. Chair is gorgeous, and it’s just my taste. Btw the table is great!

  7. love the shot of you in number two.

  8. michelle on said:

    you have a fun job :)

    also that is a gorgeous table

  9. LOVE #3! I wanna come buy that lamp! :)

  10. Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy on said:

    I like Laid Back Chic the best! And that table is amazing!! Why or why do I live so far away?

  11. A Merry Mishap on said:

    The lodge look is my favorite, I really like the leather book strap/belt!

  12. Milk and Honey Home on said:

    girly times, girly.

  13. All three a fab..but I love the first one best :)

  14. LOVE! I’d go with a combo of 1 & 2 – Wood bowl & brass lamp of “laid back chic” with books and antlers of “modern in a lodge”.

  15. Morgan | Mrs. Priss on said:

    I want to live in Brass Razoo. Not even kidding. With that said, my choice would beeeeeeeee… Girly Times. :) The little pop of green does it for me!

  16. Alexandra on said:

    Totally agree with Morgan. I want to live in your store! haha
    I pick #3. =) xo

  17. bink & boo on said:

    They are all lovely, but I fell in love with the first one. P.S. The desk is awesome!

  18. Jessie-Lee on said:

    #3, mainly due to that amazing chair!

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