3 Different Ways…

I did some more styling at Brass Razoo the other day.  Below are a few available items for the shop.  Whats your fave set up??
A little bit of outdoor chic...

1.  Outdoor chic…

A little bit of urban...

2. Cool urban…

A little bit of girly...

3.  Glam pad…

27 comments on “3 Different Ways…

  1. Nichole @ Parlour on said:

    I’m sure you don’t need me to actually tell you which one I would pick, cause I’m predictable like that…but, I will anyway. #3 is perfect.

  2. Leanne on said:

    I love Glam Pad. That chair is amazing. Love all the mirrors too.

  3. Claudia - CALinteriors on said:

    Hi, I love the top one- outdoor chic- textures and colours really appeal to me :))

  4. jandjhome on said:

    It’s hard to pick. I love the first one and the last one.

  5. first one :).. utilizes the space best by keeping it open (back wall ) and doesn’t take away from the clothes at all.. they really stand out and the ones you picked have lovely colors and go well together..

  6. Monique on said:

    Glam Pad is the best. Can you please please tellme where you got the chair from. I love that chair

  7. Glam Pad. It’s just really pulled together nicely. I also like Outdoor Chic, but Glam Pad seems to work the best!

    But I do love that green chair, actually! Just not so much as part of that overall look…. you can just send it on over to me here in PA. ;-)

  8. Clementine Cassie on said:

    These set-ups are fabulous, each one with its own, specific voice. I love that. I think Glam Pad is my favorite.

  9. Glam pad. I think the chair is the so great in that color.

  10. Mandy Ford on said:

    LOVE the cool urban set-up – I could see that chair and nightstand in my home for sure.

  11. wall art on said:

    Definitely an indulgent glam pad – lovely!

  12. cool urban for Derek and i – he loves it. i love this look.
    glam pad for me if i was single. :)

  13. Kristin on said:

    Glam Pad… love that blue chair!!

  14. Are the mirrors permanent fixtures or can those be nabbed? I’m DYING to shop at your store in person.

  15. Melissa de la fuente on said:

    eep…they are all fantastic but, that blue velvet chair is to die. Love it!

  16. cecilia@everythingin3s.com on said:

    #1 Outdoor Chic. Love the rustic table.

  17. OLD BRAND NEW on said:

    Lovely work! This is a tough call between no.1 + no.2 but I think my fave is outdoor chic.

  18. Stephanie on said:

    Glam Pad caught my eye more than the others. All are lovely but that one is just gorgeous!

  19. I like them all, but especially Outdoor Chic, the colors are perfect and the products fit perfect with the look. I just really like the neutral colors, makes it feel clean!

  20. your trips look fabulous!

  21. i mean your shop!

  22. Laurie Carey on said:

    I love all three of them and your blog is wonderful. I have just found you through another blog. Very Lovley.

  23. Adorevintage on said:

    Oh goodness, how lovely! Glam Pad is probably my favorite setup, it’s just very me ^_^

  24. deneise bucko stripes-on-stripes on said:

    I love bites of both outdoor chic and glam pad. I would love the blue chair. I thought of your shop as I was at Goodwill this weekend and they had the cooliest vinyl captian chairs, in mustard yellow.

  25. Krista on said:

    I LOVE the third.

  26. Shannon on said:

    I love those mirrors where can I get those?

  27. Katie Stephenson on said:

    I really really love that blue chair. The color is perfect against the white.

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