3 Different Ways…

Seleta posted on her lovely blog a style session that she had with Tracery design team.  They took the same table and styled it 3 different ways.  I love all 3 but I must say the organic, fall look of image 2 is stunning!  Which do you prefer??

10 comments on “3 Different Ways…

  1. Sage & Style on said:

    I’m such a sucker for white pottery + ceramics! I’d have to say my fave is the top … what a gorgeous table.

  2. joslyn on said:

    oooh #2. sigh.

  3. oh i think its #1. I’m a sucker for symmetry and monochromatics!

  4. christine on said:

    Oh…hard to choose between one and three- I think I will have to go with one because of the glamour factor.

  5. christine on said:

    oops- meant to say between one and two.

  6. Associate Girl on said:

    I like 3. It’s warm and homey and elegant all at the same time.

  7. Love all of these… great inspiration… but I am with you…#2 is def my fav!

  8. JEN RAMOS on said:

    Im on a TOTAL white trip so im going to say (1) :))))))))

  9. Jane Flanagan on said:

    I love the trio of vessels in the top image! But I think I like 3 the best too.

  10. seleta on said:

    Thanks for the holla, friend! Lovin’ it over here. So deliciously mod.


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