3 Things To Love {around the web}…

1.  This chair looks clever and comfy.

2.  I would lounge here.

3.  Wouldn’t you be inspired to work work work here?

8 comments on “3 Things To Love {around the web}…

  1. Rebecca on said:

    Ahhh, I’ve been looking at work spaces lately, and just love this inspiration!! And those yellow chairs in the pic above…yum! :)

  2. Katie*Belle on said:

    All three are fantastic! Have a great weekend!

  3. Trina on said:

    I love that hotel lounge or whatever kind of lounge it is… gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tara on said:

    love this!!!!

  5. i would work there ALL DAY LONG!! :) love your site!

  6. *Dream Weaver* on said:

    Would definitely love to be at the Ocho Lounge too :)
    I just heart those colours!

  7. Lindy on said:

    Love the colour of the chair! Love all the windows, amazing! Love the shelves on the wall!

  8. Raynee on said:

    Ocho Lounge is AMAZING! LOVE this space. I would def lounge there too =)

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