3 Things To Love {Gallery Walls}…

What I love about gallery walls is that you can go as traditional as you want or as non traditional as you want.  Usually if I am working with a traditional room, I like mixing things up and filling the wall with an assortment of colored frames and different mattes.  If the room is more of an eclectic space, its nice to bring order to the wall and fill it with the same colored frames, mattes and spacing them evenly across.  All in all, do what you love and have fun!!

via Vogue (via{Black. White. Yellow.}, ELLE Decor and The New York Times.  All found in my Pinterest.

6 comments on “3 Things To Love {Gallery Walls}…

  1. LOVE those circular seating things in the last photo. I’ve never seen anything like them before, but I know that I want them. Bad.

  2. Lonely Wife Project on said:

    I don’t think I’ll ever tire of gallery walls!

  3. I LOVE the last photo. The seating, the white, the photos, all of it!

  4. shannon on said:

    love the second one! working on one in my place right now!

  5. Emily Barnett on said:

    I am an art consultant and gallery owner. If only i had a dime for everytime i hear people say that they love an artwork but don’t have any walls. My answer is the same…start a gallery wall. Thanks for posting how beautiful they can look!

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