3 Things To Love {Green}…

I am loving all of this green.  It feels so organically warm and beautiful.

via Elle Interior.

8 comments on “3 Things To Love {Green}…

  1. i love green and almost think of it like a neutral as in nature. enjoy your weekend!

  2. Allison Egan on said:

    Gorgeous! I love the second image – that glossy green jug is so pretty! And the green photo/art wall is genius!
    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  3. I have never seen a shade of green I didn’t like!

  4. Green is indeed a wonderful colour for an interior decor and ambience. It’s a reflection nature, and also from a mood viewpoint gives a feeling of groundedness and earthiness. I have an office that is done out in green and it helps me to relax and feel grounded, yes truly! I love it, green is a very special and effective colour.

  5. JoAnna on said:

    I actually really like the chest of drawers in the bottom photo. Beautiful!

  6. simplygrove on said:

    I would love to apply that art wall somewhere in my home. Its gorg!!

  7. i can’t get enough green in our house! especially with plants, bringing the outdoors in. LOVE.

  8. Feeling the green. And even moreso the print arrangement on the wall behind the loveseat :)

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