3 Things To Love…{Rue Issue 3}

1.  A colorful Paris apartment.  (pg. 251)

2.  Her apartment is spectacular!  (pg. 101)

3.  I love her music and her space.  (pg. 79)

via Rue Magazine.

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Comments (6)

  1. Ok… thanks for the tip in music.. i need some new music for my trip tomorrow…. im so behind on music these days.
    That apartment in Rue is perfection. And the image below of the laundry room has me bananas. AND… I’m glad you like my funny face in our alt picture…i’m glad to provide a little happy for you on a bad day!
    xoxoxoox Trina

  2. there was so much goodness in the latest Rue, wasn’t there! it was my favorite issue yet.

    eden jo is killing me with her cuteness in that top photo!