3 Things To Love {Stripes on Pinterest}…

1.  A great backdrop for rustic and modern accessories.

2.  Accent.

3.  Subtle and clean.

Pin (via here), pin (via here) and pin (via here).

4 comments on “3 Things To Love {Stripes on Pinterest}…

  1. JohannaK on said:

    I love stripes!! My brother hates them ;) I would love to have black and white stripes on my kitchen wall <3

  2. Shari on said:

    Stripes remind me of Italy! When I was in Cinque Terre, in Monterosso al Mare to be specific, they have BUILDINGS painted in stripes! A church I saw was black and white striped on the outside… so cool to see, really! They aren’t afraid of color or patterns in Italy! It made walking around so much more interesting….

    Loving room #3…. I could live with subtle stripes! I tend to wear stripes a lot, I noticed… I think they look fun and are kind of striking, visually.

  3. elissa, ebb & flow on said:

    beautiful. especially that first one.

  4. {darlene} on said:

    great choices!

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