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5 Ways To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

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HAPPY 2017! Doesn’t it feel a bit surreal? I swear we just got through summer of 2016. Crazy! Every January 1st, I get hit with the organization bug. I want to start organizing every single drawer, cabinet, closet and any other nook. This week I’ve been cleaning out my bedroom, which seems to have become the catch all for life. It’s time to put away my clothes, clear off every surface and create a restful place for my hubby and I. I’ve got 5 easy tips for you to spruce up your bedroom.

1. Invest in good bedding.

I just recently started using the heirloom french linen duvet set from Morrow and I’m in love! It’s the softest linen that I’ve ever owned. Great bedding really does wonders to your sleep at night. I would rather spend more on my bedding than the furniture itself…no joke.

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Image: Home Deco

2. Create a light and airy color palette.

Switch out your throw pillows, throw blankets and even rugs for light, neutral colors. This will immediately create a very spa like ambiance for you. Also don’t be afraid to mix and match your sheets and pillowcases.

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Image: Domino

3. Style your bedside table.

Don’t let it become a storage space for tissues and magazines. Take some time and create order. You will wake up in the morning feeling happier and more in control. I like displaying items such as books, plants, candles, ceramics and vintage clocks.

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Image: Emma Hos

4. Invest in stylish lighting.

If you have upgraded everything but your lighting, your bedroom is still going to feel dingy. Lighting is a inexpensive way to bring style and sophistication to your bedroom.

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Image: Ashe and Leandro

5. Display art in your bedroom.

Displaying a beautiful piece of art in your bedroom adds instant sophistication. Try finding a piece that has colors and textures that remind you of relaxation and rest.

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  1. we are in the midst of a bedroom refresh and awaiting our new bed delivery & night stands next week! This is super helpful. Fortunately we have hit a few of your to-dos already: parachute bedding, artwork and good/fun lighting.

  2. I love the light and airy color pallet. The natural whites and grays are my favorite. I recently moved and needed help designing my space, but I found this site called and all I had to do was pick out a bedroom I like and they came and set it up in one day. I didn’t have to go through the motions of picking out every single piece of furniture or decoration because I really didn’t have time for that. I went with a neutral and natural room and it turned out amazing.