Its beginning to look alot like Christmas….

I am sure that a majority of you will be shopping, decorating, baking and possibly crafting this weekend.  It seems like this holiday season flew by faster than a jet.  I am trying to soak in every moment with my children and family.    Tis the season to do alot and give alot. I hope that SG’s Christmas ideas inspired you in some way this week.  There were alot of fabulous ideas submitted.  If I have time next week I will post a few more.  Below are a few fun finds that I leave you with.

I stumbled across these images below while looking at a great wedding site, Grey Like Weddings.  The idea of going natural for wrapping is very appealing this year.  Organic and beautiful!


The Inglenook Decor is a newer home decor site.  They offer darling items with great price tags attached.  They even have a $10 section.  If you are in need of any last minute shopping items be sure to check out there site today.  The Inglenook Decor is offering SG readers 10% off until Christmas.  Use the code HOLIDAY at checkout.


I am smitten with these adorable cookies!  My cousin is becoming quite the baker so maybe she can whip me up some of these.

via design is mine.

I know what a busy season this is for everyone and I really appreciate all of your kind emails and comments about my site!   You all inspire me.  Have a great weekend and I will see you on Monday!

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  1. What a beautiful idea! I’m making cut-out gingerbread cookies (pepparkakor) tonight and was going to go with boring old gingerbread men and hearts. These are so much more interesting!