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A Functional Kitchen with Macy’s Wedding Registry

Can I just tell you that I am a sucker for spring cleaning and any kind of decluttering? I think it’s my love language. I always say that if I wasn’t a designer, I’d be a professional organizer. Which leads me to this post! I partnered with Macy’s Wedding Registry to show you how to create a functional kitchen that is full of beauty and style. It’s actually easier than you think! Watch this video below that I made with Macy’s to get inspired for your own kitchen.

Creating a functional kitchen that is packed full of design can be fun when using stylish appliances and accessories. I’ve partnered with Macy’s Wedding Registry to share with you how to get that perfect function-meets-design look! Take a look! #ad (Featured: Macy's KitchenAidus Le Creuset Calphalon)

Posted by Simply Grove on Monday, January 7, 2019


Macy's Registry via Simply Grove

Like you saw in the video, it’s all about faking it!  A huge tip is finding items that have multi-purposes, which decreases clutter on the counters. Another? When styling a kitchen, I always start with a pop of color against a neutral backdrop. I love this KitchenAid mixer against the wood and white elements on the open shelving.

Macy's Registry via Simply Grove

The George Foreman is one of those products that could literally be used every single day. So, if you use a product like this daily, find a spot for it off to the side that can be utilized easily. A great thing about the George Foreman is that it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. It’s a very streamlined product.

Macy's Registry via Simply Grove

I mentioned the importance of adding a pop of color. You can add the same color a few times to create a nice flow in your kitchen. The Le Creuset Dutch oven looks stunning displayed on the stovetop and matches the KitchenAid stand mixer perfectly. And both look fantastic mixed with the wood on the Calphalon cutlery set.

Macy's Registry via simply grove

For all of those smoothie lovers, the NutriBullet is your dream come true. Instead of leaving out a bulky blender, this guy stores away easily and doesn’t take up a lot of room. Score!

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Macy’s Wedding Registry makes creating your dream kitchen really easy! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Even we don’t have enough space and storage at our home. We did replace the old fashioned drawers with multi functional drawers and included a mixers and juicers as one.

    The racks were made little above the hand level to make sure it is reachable.

    Still working on it.