A head and a bag…

I went thrifting a few days ago and picked up some super cute finds! Like the female head mold, which fits perfectly on my white shelves. I found a few other things that I’ll show you next week!

Also, If you are in the market for a large tote for work or play, the new large tote from Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery (shown above) is my new favorite thing! It fits EVERYTHING! Including my computer, camera, design books ect ect. I also took it traveling last week and it worked great as my carry on. They have other sizes that will work for any need.

Have a great weekend!!! xxoo

I also write for Better Homes and Gardens “Style Spotters”-
A little green will do.

And Cool Mom Picks-
I love these handmade quilts.

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  1. That is A REAL nice bag. Also this is a REAL nice blog! You’re a real nice babe, and I just love everything going on here!