ABC Carpet & Home Rug via Simply Grove

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ABC Carpet & Home Memorial Day Sale!

ABC Carpet & Home Rug via Simply Grove

The right rug can literally transform a room in an instant and was exactly what I needed just in time for the Memorial Day weekend!

I collaborated with ABC Carpet & Home to find the perfect rug and the moment I laid down this Fresco Vintage Wool Rug, my room came together. It added warmth and style to the living room, which was missing before.

This Memorial Day weekend, take an extra 20% off all regular priced, in-stock carpets and rugs and 10% off custom rugs, in-store and online during the ABC Carpet & Home Memorial Day Sale, now through May 31. Plus, enjoy free shipping with promo code RUGS20.

The process of finding the perfect rug taught me a few things. Would you like my insight? Ok, good!

First off, I knew I was in the market for a vintage rug. Vintage rugs are sought after more than ever these days. People want unique items with a story in their homes. ABC Carpet & Home has cut through the clutter and offers a wide range of curated styles, sizes and assortment of one-of-a-kind vintage rugs. They’re gorgeous; add a well-traveled vibe, and no two are ever the same!

Second, fusing modern design with a vintage rug is everything right now. It complements the clean-lined designs of modern style.

Lastly, as I said before, vintage rugs add warmth that can sometimes be hard to find when dealing with a new rug. Vintage rugs are like good art. They have personality and character, there’s something intriguing about each one. They keep getting better with time.

ABC Carpet & Home Rug via Simply Grove

ABC Carpet & Home Rug via Simply Grove

Something else to note about vintage rugs is these rugs weren’t mass-produced at the time of creation. The results are unique patterns and color palettes. These exclusive patterns and colors bring a sense of uniqueness and individuality to ordinary spaces. They also were handmade, not machine-made. Individual weavers (real people!) hand-knotted each rug. AND most vintage rugs are surprisingly durable.

Here are some cool facts about the ABC Carpet Fresco Collection:

Handwoven in Turkey, each vintage carpet in the exclusive Fresco collection from ABC Carpet is neutralized of its original colors, leaving behind faint traces of ornate traditional motifs. Evoking the nuanced finish of the Fresco paintings of Cimabue, a ghostly outline of the intricate patterns remains in each unique piece. Natural weave over time leaves behind faded compositions, inherent to the char of these remarkable rugs. Light touches and a timeworn patina elevate Fresco, continually transcending the beauty of the original.

ABC Carpet & Home Rug via Simply Grove

Buying vintage anything is better for the environment than buying brand-new. When you buy a vintage rug, you also avoid the harmful off-gassing of noxious toxins, which new rugs typically have, into your home.

ABC Carpet & Home Rug via Simply Grove

ABC Carpet & Home Rug via Simply Grove

I love that this rug makes this space so much more inviting. It’s a keeper and I will be holding on to it for years to come!

Shop ABC Carpet & Home for your next perfect rug!

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