Adrienne’s Favorite Space…

This is the small guest bed nook in a barn-like, attic space of the home of two artists in East Austin. I love it because the light is perfect, I love the colored quilt, I love the A-shape of the ceiling and I love that this would be perfect spot for me to curl up with a couple of cats and a good book.

Adrienne Breaux

(Photo by Adrienne Breaux)

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Comments (3)

  1. Such a cozy room! I love it, a good book and the light. Could you please tell me the dimensions of the room? I need to put a trundle in mine and you give inspiration…….thanks in advance.

  2. LUV JOY, LUV! …color, pattern: contrast so indulgent…you repeated it w/ that lamp! I’m new to the net…but baby i got ur number. Your style’s right on the money! dolly.