Alt {mini} recap…

I’m writing this post late at night, all snuggled in my bed. It feels like Alt Summit was many moons ago, though it was only a few days ago. I haven’t thought much about it since arriving home, until now. And now that I’m thinking about, I realize how much I enjoyed it. This was my fourth year attending. 3 years as a speaker and one year as an attender. Over the last few Alts, I’ve heard some great speakers, information that I’ve used in my own business, attended fantastic parties and met with important brands. Those are all great and needed, but that’s not why I choose to attend Alt. I go for the people. The networking. The conversations. The one on one moments that can change the course of your business. Being a blogger, I’ve realized that being behind a computer too much is not my thing. I love people. I crave relationships! So events like this are life to me.

Speaking of, I had the best roomates EVA! Trina, Promise and Jasmine are not only insanely talented and incredibly beautiful, they are the most genuine and live very faith filled lives. I adore them.

I also spent time with soooo many other great people. If I listed them all here, it would take forever! That’s a good thing, right?! One friend that blessed me this trip is the lovely Jenny from Little Green Notebook. She has got to be one of the most caring and kind individuals out there! I love to see people like this succeed in what they do. Another friend that went above and beyond to connect me with the right people and right situations was Rachel from Handmade Charlotte. This lady is my hero. Truly! She has dreams and won’t stop until she sees them come to fruition.

Oh and can I tell you something so great?! I got to meet Viv from Ish and Chi for the first time! I have been e-friends with this amazing Australian blogger for years and we finally got to meet! And let me tell you, she’s amazing.

Believe me, there are so many others that I could brag on for days! It would just take me a lifetime. One last shout out is to Gabby and the Alt team. They have started a wonderful movement and I can’t wait to see what happens in the future! And I heart Gabby…:)

That’s a very mini recap of a very big event. Check back in a few for a post about my interview with Jessica Alba. Whaaa???


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