Art {Why I Love Americana Art}…

As a child I had the opportunity to live in some beautiful locations here in America.  I was born right outside of Bend Oregon and then shortly there after moved to Jackson Hole Wyoming.  After living there for a few years we moved right outside the border of the Columbia River in Washington.  Then we moved back to Bend, followed by Seattle and then landing in Boise.  One thing that most of these places had in common were Aspen trees.  I’ve had Aspens outside many windows for as long as I can remember.  In fact, after my husband and I bought our first home, it felt incomplete without Aspens.  So we planted 3 outside of our living room.  This painting, (above) which is included in’s Americana gallery, creates a warm feeling for me.  It’s apart of my childhood into adulthood.  There are quite a few Americana pieces on that remind me of why I am proud to be an American (great song).

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