Au Prints For Your Home

Having great art on the walls of your home is liking having a really beautiful pair of shoes on. It completes an outfit and brings everything together. It can make a space feel alive and full of personality. Au Prints has a new variety of prints that evoke character and style. Au is the chemical symbol for gold. Au Prints is a set of prints with gold ink manually applied. All prints are reproductions of original drawings by Portuguese artist Teresa Esgaio. There is only 100 copies which makes them that much more special. My favorite print is the Playing Gold, Ca 1961. To me it tells a fun love story between two active, outgoing individuals who love to do life together. It’s exactly what I want my husband and I to be like for years to come.

You can shop these prints here. And if you really love them, create a gallery wall using just these prints. It would look amazing!


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