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I’ll Take A Cup Please

If you are my friend, you know that I’m a Nespresso lover. Or maybe an addict. Or maybe a fan girl that could drink one on the hour. I am constantly shouting Nespresso praises to friends, family, acquaintances…anyone who will listen. Thanks to my new Nespresso Vertuoline, my coffee got that much better. And just in [...]

Style Your Thanksgiving Table

West Elm created this video to show us all how to trick out our Thanksgiving tables. It’s perfect for us last minute planners!

Christmas In My Studio

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here! My Simply Grove studio in my home (which I will share more pictures later) needed a little Christmas cheer for the holidays, so I collaborated with Martha Stewart Living at The Home Depot and created a fun, stylish, relaxed Christmas corner. Our upstairs living room [...]


Blanket, Pillow, Poster. Hi friends! I wanted to introduce you to Zazzle. Zazzle is a marketplace where you can custom design nearly anything. It’s perfect for showing off your personal style. They have products ranging from pillows to lamps. My personal favorites are the pillow and throw blanket choices. If you follow this link, you can create anything [...]

Happy Thanksgiving…

Image: Kiss The Groom It’s almost Thanksgiving! To continue with my tablescape them this week,, I wanted to share some of my favorite decor ideas to inspire you for your own Thanksgiving. Whether you are doing casual or traditional, decorating for thanksgiving can be fun and festive. Things that can add awesomeness to your home? [...]

Thanksgiving Kids Table Tips

Yesterday I shared a few tips for last minute Thanksgiving entertaining. Today I am super excited to share some tips on how to create a fun, festive, stylish, kid-friendly table. It’s really quite easy and cheap! Kids love color and they love activities. Put both on the table and you have won their hearts. Together [...]

Cozy Bedrooms

It’s been freezing temperatures here in my hood. It’s so cold that all I want to do is stay in my bed and not face the cold cold world. These bedrooms are looking mighty cozy comfy to me. The bedding is what immediately caught my attention. The look of basic, organic linens are everything. These [...]

Thanksgiving Hosting Tips

Happy Monday! And Happy the week before Thanksgiving! Can you even believe that?? I can’t. Luckily I’m not hosting Thanksgiving at my house but I will still try and host small get togethers from now until Thanksgiving. Pirate Booty asked me to share my favorite Thanksgiving decor tradition. Honestly, it comes down to WHITE dinnerware. [...]

Sofas for under $1000

A consistent question that comes my way weekly is where to find a stylish sofa for under $1000. Well, I have some ideas for you! Below you will find a nice variety of sofas that vary in price and style…all under $1000. Hope you find one that suits you! 1, 2 (similar), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, [...]


Photographers! You are going to love this. Introducing SnapScout, your FREE online location scout. Snapscouts mission is to make location scouting simpler and easier for photographers and filmmakers. This is such a brilliant concept! I feel like this can be the most difficult part of a shoot, finding the perfect spot that will create the look [...]

Trips and Links

A few weeks ago I attended the AYA Summit with ONE Girls & Women in Washington DC at Google. It was a life changing few days, listening to experts on issues that girls and women are facing in the developing world. Because of the variety of topics, including human trafficking, young girls being forced to wed, poverty, ebola….I came home with my head spinning. [...]

My Fall Mantel

I love decorating for the seasons in little ways, shapes and forms. It’s mostly in greenery, flowers and candles. I already mentioned the pretty orange berry tree at my home. I’m still using it for fall accents. The deep green looks beautiful against the white mantel. Another accessory to make mention is the antique mirror [...]

Dark Walls

Image: Sfgirlbybay One detail that I miss from our old home is the dark charcoal wall that I painted in our bedroom. It added drama and style to an otherwise boring space. Im trying to find a wall in our new house to paint dark. Here some dark wall images that should inspire the dark [...]

Another moment with J.Jill

Right now my local weather starts super cold in the morning, warms up a bit in the noon hour and then drops significantly at night. So naturally sweaters are on my mind. More specifically comfortable, breathable sweaters. Have you ever put on a sweater that just isn’t comfy, it’s super scratchy and fits weird? The [...]

Fall Entertaining with Nate

Glass X Candleholder Fall is here and quickly going by. If you are doing any type of fall entertaining, you know how important it is to create a festive table scape. Nate Berkus has made that easy for us this season! His entire collection, featured exclusively at Target, is amazing. My favorite detail is how [...]