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A moment with J. Jill

It’s an obvious observation to judge that I like interior design. I mean, it’s all I ever talk about here on Simply Grove. And if I had to choose to spend money on decor or clothing, I most likely would choose decor. BUT that’s not saying that I don’t love fashion because I really really do [...]

Moving Day

It’s amazing how much stuff you DON’T get done during moving week. So cheers to have a giant list of to do’s but officially moving TODAY! Can’t wait for you all to see my little brick bungalow. See you soon, friends! xxoo


Image: Design Files “We shall never forget, we shall keep this day, we shall keep the events and the tears in our minds, our memory and our hearts and take them with us as we carry on”  September, 11, 2001

Decorating a small space and WINNER

Image: Decor 8 Because the house that we are moving into is a downsize for us, I am all about studying the art of decorating small spaces. For some it can be overwhelming and for others it can be refreshing. For us, it’s refreshing. I’ve already given away bags and bags and boxes of STUFF. [...]


Last week on Instagram I announced that we are moving! We are moving into this 1947 brick bungalow. It’s in a neighborhood that I’ve wanted to move to for quite some time so I’m super pumped! And of course I’m also super pumped about starting the decorating process in a new space. A white canvas [...]

Farmhouse Pendants and Apps

My recent eHow post is all about large farmhouse pendants in the dining room.  It’s a trend that I am all about right now! In fact, I really want this one from Schoolhouse Electric for my dining room. Read my entire eHow post here. You can also find me here, talking about using fashion as [...]

Kitchen Rugs and My Craigslist SALE

My recent post over at eHow is all about how to add a rug to your kitchen, which I am fully for! It adds instant style and color to your kitchen space. Head over here to read more. Also, if you in Boise, I have some stuff on Craigslist that you should buy!! Like this, [...]

Eden’s Bedroom & GIVEAWAY

SEE BOTTOM FOR GIVEAWAY. Hi friends! I have been meaning to post Eden’s bedroom for quite some time now. Summer seemed to have gotten the best of me. There are so many cute details to go over. Let me start by telling you that Eden wanted an ice cream colored theme, including mint and sherbet [...]

Kitchen Inspiration

Image: That Kind Of Woman Happy hump day. I’ll be back with some good content. I promise.

Tuvalu Home

I need to tell you about another awesome online shop! Tuvalu will inspire you to create a modern space with beachy elements. Creating a coastal home can be somewhat difficult. Especially if you are wanting to make a beach home that is trendy. Tuvalu has furniture, accessories, kitchen items and so much more. All of [...]

Living Room Inspiration

Oh man guys….I’ve been sucked into the summer vortex of no mans land. What does that even mean?! Well, between design projects, children, vacations…I’ve been missing in action. Next week marks the end of summer for us and half of me is stoked out of my mind. I really really do love schedules and structure. [...]

High Fashion Home…

I feel like I’m constantly looking for new decor sites that can offer me great furniture and accessories. Clients are wanting new product, I’m needing new inspiration….it’s a constant search. High Fashion Home has a variety of great contemporary and modern pieces. Whatever style you like, you’ll find something! Above is a collection of my [...]

Round Dining Tables

Image: Nordic Leaves I have a good friend that’s moving into a studio apartment. It’s a small space that’s downtown with lots of possibilities. One area that is lacking is room for a long dining table. The best solution for this is a round table. You can squeeze chairs around and they don’t take up [...]

Product Love

Lately I’ve been sharing some products on Instagram that are currently in my home that I’m loving right now. Here they are for your shopping enjoyment. 1. This geometric pillow designed by Beth Thompson, can be found at RedBubble. You can also get the same print on other products. 2. SoapBox is just awesome. This [...]

3 Interior Design Trends

Image: Skona Hem There are three interior design trends that I am really digging right now. And I wouldn’t even consider them trends as much a design movements that I think will stick around for awhile. It’s like the classic striped shirt paired with denim. They’ve been around for a long time but have made [...]