Bedroom Transformation with Macy’s Wedding Registry

Macy's Wedding Registry via Simply Grove

Most people don’t prioritize their master bedroom and they end up using it as a catch-all room. I for one have always made my master bedroom a priority. I sleep better when I know that it’s clean and designed to my liking. I also love changing things up periodically, like the bedding, the scents and the overall feel, to something a little cozy.

I partnered with Macy’s Wedding Registry to transform this bedroom by simply changing 5 things. We created this video to show you a few tips for designing a functional yet beautiful bedroom.

Macy's Wedding Registry via Simply Grove

For the bedding, I went with a watercolor comforter set from Lauren Ralph Lauren, which makes a huge statement. I’m obsessed with this palette for so many reasons! I love pairing blue with wood tones and other richer colors. I also loved working with a more feminine print and mixing it with masculine details, like the stump side table and modern art prints.

Macy's Wedding Registry via Simply Grove

Because the temperature naturally drops during Autumn, having an easy heating source is an added bonus. This Dyson heater + fan doesn’t take up a lot of room and gives off all the heat that you need at night. The two-in-one heater + fan functionality makes it so easy to use all year around. It looks natural on a bedside table, instead of clunky and out of place. You can also easily place it on the floor or on your dresser. For more styling options on the bedside table, place a beautiful bouquet of flowers next to a stack of your favorite books. It’s beautiful yet oh-so simple.

Macy's Wedding Registry via Simply Grove

When you think of luggage, you normally think of traveling. Have you ever used it to store linens and towels? This is especially brilliant in small spaces where there’s not a lot of storage to be found. This Samsonite suitcase fits nicely under a bed and can store just about anything! It’s also a gorgeous piece of luggage for traveling, so it’s a win-win.

Macy's Wedding Registry via Simply Grove

A diffuser is the perfect way to introduce new scents and smells to your home. I love switching out summery scents for richer, spicier ones in the fall, so this Homedics diffuser is my dream come true! It’s stylish and it fills a room with the perfect amount of fragrance.

A beautiful decorated bedroom doesn’t have to be impossible to achieve. Macy’s Wedding Registry can help make those purchases easy and fun for you.

This post is sponsored by Macy’s. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love this. I am in the final third of a master suite redo and you have inspired me. I am going to the Macy’s site next. Your room turned out beautifully and your pictures are terrific. Thanks for the inspo.