With summer here, my kids and I spend alot of time together.  I’m loving every moment of it!  The only downfall is when mommy has to work, the kids get bored.  Any advice from you mommy’s that work from home??  What fun home activities can you suggest?

Btw, I finally got a new camera so expect lots of pictures!!

Melissa & Doug Puzzle.

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  1. I’m sure they love being home with you even if you’re working! That’s awesome they get along so well. How far apart are they in age. Tell me what kind of camera you are shooting with?

  2. Oh Kirst.. I LOVE these pics!!!! i have about 4 drawers full of craft stuff. play doe. scissors. new coloring crayons and books. construction paper. pom pom balls. ect. ect. so whenever they are bored they go downstairs and get whatever they want out and make stuff:)

  3. Paige LOVES doing any sort of art projects. When I am at the stores I am always keeping my eyes open for inexpensive crafty stuff. My mom use to keep blank spiral notebooks around for me, then write a name of an object to draw. Or even a topic for a story to write. They are hilarious to go through now 🙂