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Today I am continuing the Blog For Digs event, following Taryn of Sage & Style.  This initiative was launched by fellow blogger Claudia Clobes of Stonehouse Love as a mission to benefit Dwell with Dignity, a non-profit group of interior designers dedicated to creating homes for families struggling with poverty.  The theme is “My childhood bedroom was…” also including a a decor item that you wish you had in your bedroom back then.

My childhood bedroom resembled something like this image above.  The only difference was that my room was a little more organized (surprisingly) and the wallpaper was a stripe on the top and polka dots on the bottom…with a matching comforter, I might add!  I was very particular about my rainbow color scheme and working my toys into the theme of my bedroom.  (My poor mom.  I’m sure she looked at me wondering where I came from.)  Oh, and I almost forgot about the 2 zones in my room.  Zone 1 was my play area and zone 2 was my sleeping and reading area.  The two rarely met.  Oh geeeeezzz!!!

Even as a child, I loved lighting.  I always thought good lighting made someone happy or sad.  FUNNY, I know.  I would have loved a creative light fixture in my room.  Heck, I would have loved the whole room (above) with of course some added pink.

Check out Sarah Bohl Design’s childhood bedroom tomorrow.  Also take a moment to visit the Dwell with Dignity website and donate to help create beautiful rooms for children and parents in need.

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  1. Wow-you had the custom comforter thing going on, lucky, lucky girl! I also love your “now” room…funny how our tastes change and the times! My taste seems to be ever-evolving!

    Thanks Kirsten for participating in Blog for Digs; your support means the world to us and to those families! Your store looks amazing! Happy holidays to you and your family! xocc

  2. This post had me laughing. I love that your color coordinated your toys and separated reading and relaxing from play. Kids are funny.

    I know I’ve heard of your blog but I feel like I finally just discovered it (through Blogs for Digs). I posted my “childhood bedroom” piece last week.

    Anyway, happy to have found you and will be coming back for more inspiration. Happy Monday.