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A few years ago, I ventured into the furniture biz and reclaimed vintage, mid century and antique furniture for a boutique here in Idaho. It was a lot of fun but it was a whole heck of a lot of work! I realized that I wasn’t patient enough for this journey. It takes someone who is not only a perfectionist but a visionary artist that can see beauty out of anything. I’m not that person but Barb Blair is totally that person! She is a furniture genius. That’s why when I heard that she came out with a book, I was thrilled out of my mind. Let me introduce you to Furniture Makeovers by Barb Blair.

Barb, the founder of Knack Studios, is an expert at transforming boring/tired  furniture into stunners. This book offers 26 techniques including painting, wallpapering, distressing, dip dyeing, and more. All can be applied to different types of furniture. Barb also shares 30 stunning before-and-after makeovers from her studio and outlines how to achieve each look. It really is the perfect DIY book.

For more peaks of the book, see the full Furniture Makeovers blog tour schedule here.

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  1. Barb is amazing, isn’t she. I love your honesty about how much patience this business requires. It’s easy to do a few pieces each year for fun but running a business is definitely a whole ‘nother ballgame. I love that Barb has found her niche and stuck to it.