By My Bed…

Night Stand...

Night stand 2...

Upclose on nightstand...

I haven’t posted many images of my abode lately.  There is not much going on right now.  A few changes here and a few mini makeovers there.  No major structural or cosmetic changes.  I am surprised that hubby and I haven’t ripped more carpet out yet.  Soon, I guess!

I recently re-organized my bedroom and switched out nightstands.  The room didn’t have alot of color before, so I brought in this kelly green table and placed my favorite lamp (a vintage find from a few years ago) on top.  I received some goodies from my sponsor, SanLori, that fit perfectly on my new nightstand.  Including the yummiest smelling candle, that is currently burning as I write this.  Holding an image of the hubby and I is a paper caddy and to rest my beverages on are these cute coasters.  I wish that I could say that my table will always look like this.  Between my daughter hijacking things early in the morning (while I am still sleeping) and magazines filling the space, it might look a little more “organic” after a few days.

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  1. Hehe.. I like how you describe it as ‘organic’. Looks beautiful lovely as always. I love the photo of you and your husband.

  2. is that a duvet cover or a comforter on your bed? I’m looking for a new duvet comforter and that one is adorable. Where is it from??