Can you help me??

So I have this bench that I re-upholstered quite a few years ago. I chose a black and white stripe because I figured that it would be a timeless option that I wouldn’t get quickly tired of. I was mostly right but now, I’m tired of it. Not only that but it’s filthy dirty! The kids use for most every meal time so it’s had its fair share of spills. I’ve been looking on Spoonflower for fabric options and I’ve narrowed it down to these 6 fabrics. Could you help a sister out and tell me which fabric that you favor?? I would love a little help and you all are the perfect peeps to ask. Just leave a comment below telling me your pick! xxoo



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Comments (21)

  1. #5
    A good combo for a) hiding dirt and b) being neutral so as to work with other hits of colour in your room. Geometric pattern will contrast nicely with the lyrical shape of the bench legs too 🙂

  2. I think I’m going to have to throw my vote to number 5! I love the geometry and the spacing in the pattern seems so balanced. But I also love 1 and 6 😀

  3. I love the pink options, but if I was putting this in my kitchen I would pick number 5….it might hide the stains the best. But all cute picks!

  4. I LOVE #5, but I think #6 would be more different than the original. All gorgeous!

  5. I like #3 because of the color, and the design resembles a cartoon animal. Do you see it? Ears, eyes nose!

  6. i like 1 or 2 depending on the color sachem of the room. i think that 3 would have been good a few years ago but i think its going out of style.

  7. Would be good to get a sense of the rest of the colors in the room, but I love #5.

  8. Number 5! And perfect for hiding the inevitable marks left by the children. We too have learnt our lesson with lighted colour fabrics… we even had a carpet that had white in the pattern. What were we thinking?!

  9. I like #3, but I’d go for something like an indoor/outdoor fabric

  10. #6 because it’s completely different, but #2 would be perfect as well.