October 27, 2016

Pratt & Lambert living room makeover via simply grove

I feel like I am always on the hunt for the perfect dark paint color. I don’t want anything too harsh or too bright. I want something that is moody and dramatic but also serene. Is there such a thing? Why yes there is. Let me introduce you to Graphite (18-18) from Pratt & Lambert. This color could very well be my all-time new favorite color!

I used this color in a friend’s living space. They needed a quick living room makeover without spending a lot of money. We added Pratt & Lambert’s Graphite (18-18) to the main wall. From there we layered art, plants, a beautiful mid-century sideboard that the owner had on hand, accessories and more plants. Everything we used was already owned by the homeowner, so it became the perfect project to showcase that paint can change everything! This particular color really does create warmth and compliments the other colors in the space perfectly. It also compliments warm wood tones and most metals.

Below is the before of the space-


And with the a simple coat of paint…

Pratt & Lambert living room makeover via simply grove


Pratt & Lambert via simply grove

Pratt & Lambert paint goes on smoothly and evenly. It doesn’t require a lot of coats, and who doesn’t love that?? I used their Accolade Premium paint & primer in one, which is their finest interior paint line to achieve this gorgeous color. This particular color seemed to get prettier and prettier the more it dried, which is another bonus.

Pratt & Lambert living room makeover via simply grove

Don’t be afraid of dark paint colors! They add so much character to a space. Also, if you have thick, ornate molding, consider painting the molding the same color as the walls. It’s a little detail that can give a lot of life.

Pratt & Lambert living room makeover via simply grove

Pratt & Lambert living room makeover via simply grove

Pratt & Lambert living room makeover via simply grove

Pratt & Lambert living room makeover via simply grove

Images: Kirsten Grove

This was a fun project that was a success without breaking the bank! Yay!

Rug– World Market, Sofa- Article, Side Table- Article, Black & White Print- Debbie Carlos, Pottery on Vintage Coffee Table- Jennifer Hagler.

October 26, 2016

Desenio.co.uk via simply grove

I love to fill my own home with art that reflects our style and our taste. You can have a fantastic home but if you choose the wrong art, the house can fall flat. Sometimes it can feel like a pain to find the right prints with the right price tag. If you live in the UK, I have the perfect option for you! Desenio is a poster site that is filled with great prints that are SO affordable! From nature scenes to multi colored abstracts, this site has it all. It also has inspirational quotes, fashion prints, gold and silver prints and so much more. If you love Scandinavian design, you’ll love everything! The other great thing is that they have frames available for purchase that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I filled up my hallway with Desenio prints and frames. The look is exactly what I wanted. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

US friends, lets beg and plead that they start shipping to us, K??

Desenio.co.uk via Simply Grove

Desenio.co.uk via Simply Grove

Desenio.co.uk via Simply Grove

Desenio.co.uk via Simply Grove

Shop Desenio here.

Photography: Hailey Wilson

October 25, 2016

Modern side table

Frenchy Fancy

Side tables are oddly important. Like, you don’t think you really need one until you have that cup of coffee that you need to set down. Or you have that large space between your sofa and chair that needs filled up. Side tables really are a necessity. Whether it’s for practical reasons or design reasons, side tables are the cream to drip coffee. Or the fudge to ice cream sundaes. We all need them!

Below are some rules when choosing the perfect side table.

  1. If you’re placing a side table next to a sofa, it looks best when it’s no lower than an inch or two below the arm of the seat. 24 inches is usually perfect. If you’re placing a side table next to a chair that has a shorter arm, pick a shorter option, like 16 to 20 inches.

  2. I like the width of the table to be at least 18 inches across. Anything smaller just isn’t functional.

  3. Marble, stone, glass and ceramic tops are perfect for holding drinks. Wood tops are fine for displaying items but definitely need coasters.

  4. The number of side tables you need depends on the room’s size and the amount of seating. Your sofa and chairs can have their own side table. I prefer two seats sharing one table.

Since side tables are small and not the main focal point, most people don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. So because we love you, we have found 40 tables for under $200. These tables range in colors, sizes, shapes and materials. Hope you find the perfect table!!




modern side tables



Simply Styling Book Tour

Starting this Saturday, I will be visiting 5 west coast cities to celebrate the launch of my book, Simply Styling. Together with Room & Board, I will be in Culver City, Costa Mesa, San Francisco, Seattle and Denver. If you live in any of these locations, I would love to meet you and talk shop!! I, of course, am nervous that no one will show up, so please, I beg of you, let’s HANG OUT! Hahaha. Seriously though, I am way cooler in person than online, so let’s meet…:) Below are the cities and dates. (Also, rsvp using the links attached to each image.)

Culver City- 1pm-3pm

Costa Mesa- 6pm-8pm

San Francisco- 6pm-8pm

Seattle- 1pm-3pm

Denver- 12pm-2pm

See you soon!!!

Simply Styling Book Tour Simply Styling Book Tour Simply Styling Book Tour Simply Styling Book Tour