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You may not always be aware of it, but your environment has a distinct psychological impact on your subconscious. In your home, how you design and style your space can greatly influence your mood and emotion. Although the emotional impact of interior design tends to get overlooked, there are immense benefits to understanding your space at an intrinsic level. Mindfully decorating your space with the consideration of your personal needs can lead to a happier, healthier, and less cluttered life. Here are a few design mood-lifters to consider when decorating your space:

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1. Plants

The power of a little greenery should never be underestimated. Plants are natural stress-reducers and air purifiers that create a relaxing and inviting environment. These leafy friends have the unique ability to make any home feel like a tranquil urban jungle. A substantial amount of academic research has shown that plants’ ability to make us feel more in touch with nature has dramatic effects on our well-being. Increased happiness, health, creativity and productivity are some of the many proven physical and psychological benefits of plants. There is no denying that a green home is a happy home.

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2. Color

Every color has the ability to evoke different moods for different people, which is why the selection of color is such a personal choice. When deciding on color, the most important question to ask yourself is how do you want to look and feel in your space. Interior designer and color expert Elaine Ryan says, “It’s all about finding the colors you respond to and that make you feel good.” Whether you’re planning on making a certain color the focal point of a room or a complementary statement piece, keep in mind the psychological value of each color you choose. Below are a few examples of how color can have a positive mood-enhancing impact on your home:

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White: Refreshing and peaceful.

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Black: Assertiveness and power.

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Blue: Calming, relaxing, and serene.

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Pink: Affectionate and loving.

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Green: Comfort and togetherness.

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Yellow: Happiness and warmth.

For a more in-depth look at the effects of color, check out this HGTV article.

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3. Decluttering and Organizing

Decluttering and organizing your home not only makes your space more aesthetically pleasing, it also is a significant environmental destresser. Studies have found that there is a clear link between clutter and depression. Messy, unorganized rooms not only make our homes look bad, they also make us feel bad. Lately people are beginning to catch on to the idea that a clutter-free home translates to a clutter-free life. It’s no wonder that Marie Kondo’s bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up started a global decluttering craze.

Decluttering your home is really an exercise in focusing on filling your home with only your most-joy giving belongs. After purging unnecessary and redundant household items, organization is crucial to ensure the lasting personal effects of decluttering. Placing your items in areas that are easily reachable or viewable will allow you to fully appreciate and enjoy the true value of your belongings. Mindfully decorating your space will teach you to truly love and respect your home and can have an immense effect on your daily life. The simple acts of tidying up and organizing may be the way to your bliss.

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Finding the right sofa can sometimes be a pain. Finding the right sofa for under $1000 can be even more of a pain. And styling a sofa with the right pillows can be the worst of it all! We quickly put together our top four sofas for under $1000. We also gave you a variety of pillows that you can style on any of these sofas. Life is hard enough, so let us make the sofa shopping easier for you!

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Patterned Pillow, Blush PinkGrey Graphics PillowYellow PillowBlush PillowMarble Pillow

July 12, 2016

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For those who know me well, it’s no secret that I love the color black. Seriously, I loooovvvvveeee it. It’s in heavy rotation in my closet. It’s peppered throughout my home. It’s how I take my coffee.

There’s just something about black that always works so well. It’s saturated, striking, and instantly modern. Whenever I need to add a dramatic element to any space, it’s one of the first color choices I consider. I feel like a lot of people tend to shy away from black because it’s just “too much”, but I’m telling you…you just need to go for it. Need a few examples for inspiration? Look no further…

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Image: The Brick House

Nothing makes my heart happier than a black brick fireplace set against bright white walls. In fact, I have this exact scenario happening in my own living room. Paired with natural wood floors, this color choice is a no-brainer.

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Image: Cote Maison

Black ceilings, anyone? I know, sounds a little scary when you just say it but seeing is believing. Personally, I think this is a great choice for basements, considering dark ceilings help to create a cozy, den-like feel. Two recommendations when going this route: keep the walls white and the floors light.

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Image: Amber Interiors

Yes, black can work in a bathroom! Even a small one, at that. Just be sure that you have adequate lighting from a well-placed window. White and brass accents are a must.

Decorating with black via Simply Grove

Image: UR Design

I’ve never met a black kitchen cabinet that I didn’t like. In a high-traffic zone notorious for spills, stains, and fingerprints, black is honestly one of the best color choices out there. Plus, it just looks SO darn good with other natural wood elements.

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Image: Coco Cozy

This. Entryway. Using a contrasting black under the chair rail is a brilliant move. And don’t even get me started on that black door. The result is unexpected, yet so very sophisticated. Heart emojis, all the way.

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How to style your sofa with throw pillows via simply grove

Have you ever bought a throw pillow on clearance at Target without knowing what you were going to do with it or where you were going to display it? Come on. Be honest. We all have! If I showed you my pillow closet, you might think less of me. It’s full of patterned pillows, solid pillows, textured pillows…you just never know when you’re going to do a pillow. Am I right or am i right??

Recently we were at my friend Kate’s house for another photo shoot, and I noticed that she had some fantastic pillows lying around. So I decided to do a little pillow shoot to show you how you can style all of your pillows that you have hiding in those closets. Read more below.

How to style your sofa with throw pillows via simply grove

How to style your sofa with throw pillows via simply grove

 1. Mixing patterns and textures.

You can easily use a pattern, a solid and a highly textured pillow to bring interest to your sofa. Size matters so make sure that whatever pillow that you place behind the second pillows is larger so that they layer correctly. Stripes is always a great option to mix with solids and patterns. It’s classic and neutral. Make sure that the patterns on the pillows have similar colors with the sofa or at least complimentary colors.

How to style your sofa with throw pillows via simply grove

How to style your sofa with throw pillows via simply grove

2. Display in odds.

I typically use the general rule of styling in odds to stay away from a space looking to perfect. It breaks things up and allows for some personality. For the sofa, I tend to use either 3 pillows or 5 pillows. If you are wanting a more lush look, choose 5. Make sure that you choose a nice variety of colors, patterns and textures.

How to style your sofa with throw pillows via simply grove

3. Display in the center. 

The center of the sofa rarely gets any love. Why not display a small collection in the middle to create a fun, out of the box look. Choose three very different pillows that all coordinate well together. That can usually happen by choosing complimentary colors.

How to style your sofa with throw pillows via simply grove

How to style your sofa with throw pillows via simply grove

4. Display all on one side.

Just like displaying in the center, display all on one specific side. Choose pillows that are larger scale and similar in shape for a more defined look. Also, pay attention to size. If your sofa is super deep, start with big, dense 20×20 pillows and if you’re styling a small love seat, use smaller sized pillows.

How to style your sofa with throw pillows via simply grove

5. Keep it simple. 

If you want to really showcase your sofa, keep your pillows simple and neutral. Adding just two is all that you need. It adds just enough warmth.

How to style your sofa with throw pillows via simply grove

How to style your sofa with throw pillows via simply grove

6. Use one statement pillow.

Do you have that one pillow that stands out among the rest? Display it with neutral pillows so that it stands out. If you are wanting a more bohemian look, you can most definitely use several statement pillows to create an eclectic array.

There’s really no rule for displaying pillows. Hopefully this post can help you start a design, and then you can take it from there and make a magical sofa!

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