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Genevieve Wiseman……

I have the utmost appreciation and love for Stylists. I don’t think that there is a better job out there if design is your cup of tea. With that being said Genevieve Wiseman is one of those design Genius’s. She is a Photo Stylist who does roomsets, tabletop, editorial & advertising. Her portfolio is stacked […]

Tea For Joy

Check out my interview over at Tea For Joy. Thanks Lynne! Also, don’t forget to enter the fabulous giveaway!!!!

Monika Eyers

Domino.Did I grab your attention with that one influential word? If you said no then your lying!! Just kidding:) But the truth is we all love Domino. We look forward to receiving our newest issue and soaking it all in.Many of you recognize the name Monika Eyers as an editor for Domino. Well lucky for […]

James Saavedra

When I found James blog, Decor Fellow, I was SO excited for the chance to read what inspires this L.A based designer and consultant, product developer, furniture designer and TV star (TLC’s “Clean Sweep”). James Saavedra is an incredibly talented and front running designer who can pretty much do anything he puts his mind to. […]

Desire to Inspire

There are a number of amazing blogs out there and some of them really stand out. There are a number of reasons a blog is not just a normal blog but a fantastic blog. One reason may be that they do there homework really well. Another reason could be that they are always on the […]

Lisa Bengtsson

When I think of an absolutely talented designer who has ran towards her dreams, Lisa Bengtsson comes to my mind. This 27 year old graphic designer from Sweden has worked very hard and has succeeded at pattern design, illustration design, graphic design and now the most fabulous part, she is a wallpaper designer of one […]

Fabien Barral

I had the oppurtunity to do a mini interview with one of Europe’s up and coming designers. Fabien Barral is actually a graphic designer but hopes to use graphic design differently as home decor. You have probably seen his work on design sites or blogs. He works with his wife and I have a feeling […]