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Organize 106 (Closets)

Closets can be our favorite space because they showcase our wardrobe that we are so proud of and those comfy sheets that cost our whole last paycheck. Or closets can become our enemy because we lose control of them and we just cant seem to gain control back. Well, your assignment is to win those […]

Organize 105 (Kitchen)

Oh the lovely Kitchen! Why does it seem like we are cleaning our kitchens every other hour?? Well, probably because we use it alot. I have to have my counters wiped and my sink empty before I can go to sleep. It is something that I cannot handle!! (Ask my hubby.)When organizing a kitchen start […]

Organize 104 (Pantries)

I think the greatest key to an organized pantry is baskets, bins and dividers. Instead of opening your pantry and just tossing whatever is in your hand into whatever shelve it lands on, place the item directly into the location and or bin it belongs in. Another great tip is to prioritize your pantry. Things […]

Organize 103 (Bathroom)

For some bathroom inspiration please view my bathroom gallery that I just did awhile back.Some ideas for keeping things organized is to invest in pretty containers that you find appealing to store all of your toiletries and random bathroom items. It might get you excited to organize and keep things clean. Ikea always has great […]

Organize 102 (Bedroom)

This is the one room that I think (personal opinion) is overlooked the most when it comes to not only design but organization. It is always at the bottom of our list because A. we don’t think its as important as the rest of the home or B. its easier to shut the door and […]

Organize 101 (Drawers)

Lets begin SG’s Organizing series with the dreaded junk drawers. (This one is dedicated to Joy, Marie Louise and Christine.) Now, I’m not going to try and give an organizing counseling session but simply post images and little ideas to inspire us:) The one thing that is sure to work to get those drawers under […]

Good Shelving

In honor of SG’s giveaway here is an image to get those tidy bugs biting.Style at Home