August 22, 2016

Oreck via Simply Grove

We are smack in the middle of our renovation, and can I just say that keeping this house clean is as impossible as keeping a dog from eating a bowl of peanut butter. Seriously! I feel like all I do is walk around picking up garbage, wiping down surfaces and sweeping floors. I am by nature a very clean human. I love a clean home and a clean home loves me! So being surrounded by this renovation is hard for me.

I’m always looking for ways to keep my life simpler. I would rather be hanging out with my kids than cleaning my house. We’ve had this one random vacuum for years that takes strength and endurance just to push it around the house. It’s a beast! I feel like I took a visit to the gym every time I vacuum. Things needed to change. My mom and grandmother have ALWAYS sworn by Oreck! Like forever and forever. So when Oreck reached out to partner with me, it was a no brainer. I believe in this brand and I believe that Oreck can keep my house sparkly clean!

Oreck via Simply Grove

When I first attempted to use the Elevate Conquer by Oreck, I was like “what the heck”.  It was a cinch!  At half the weight of other vacuums in its class, the Elevate Conquer delivers a complete clean without the strain of lifting traditional heavy uprights. Along with that, the specialized Ultimate Handheld is recommended for your detailed & above floor cleaning needs. It allows you to get the best clean without hauling around the extra weight.

Oreck via simply grove

The biggest reason for my joy is that Oreck makes it really easy for my kids to vacuum now. YES! They’re both at the age where chores are a reality. I never gave them the chance to vacuum because of how awful our previous vacuum was. I truly believe in a happy, clean home and I want my kids to help out in that. Now that we have this super cool vacuum, they argue over who gets that chore. Perfect for me.

Shop Elevate Conquer and Ultimate Handheld for a happier cleaner home.


Fresh Subway Tile ideas via simply grove

Image: Chris Loves Julia

When I think about subway tile the word “classic” instantly comes to mind. Specifically, white subway tile. I know, we’ve definitely been seeing a lot of it in both kitchens and bathrooms in recent years but, honestly, I think there’s good reason for that. The look is clean and minimal, it works well with practically any style, and, c’mon….it’s cheap! That word is music to anyone’s ears when they’re in the midst of a home renovation, am I right??

But aside from those reasons, subway tile is so completely versatile. By simply changing up the pattern or grout color, you can come up with a number of different looks…all of which are good! I tell ya, it’s a true style chameleon. Care to see what I mean? Take a look below…

Fresh Subway Tile ideas via simply grove

Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Yes to this bathroom! Using a gray grout with a straight herringbone pattern really puts an unexpected twist on this tiled backsplash. The tiny hex floor tiles are an excellent match.

Fresh Subway Tile ideas via simply grove

Image: Fresh Home

Ok, this tile pattern is sleek. Referred to as “stack bond”, it really doesn’t get cleaner or more modern than this. White grout is the perfect choice for keeping everything super fresh feeling.

Fresh Subway Tile ideas via simply grove

Image: Bicker Design

When things get boring it’s time to turn everything on its head. This linear vertical pattern isn’t one that I see too often, but when it’s done right it is SO very good.

Fresh Subway Tile ideas via simply grove

Image: Nordic Design

Can you ever go wrong with dark grout and a traditional offset pattern? Not in my book. If there’s one way to make subway tile “pop”, this is it.

Fresh Subway Tile ideas via simply grove

Image: Inside Out

It really is true that the pattern changes everything when it comes to subway tile. This diagonal herringbone variation is so soft and pretty, don’t you think? I have a few bathroom renovations coming up in the near future and this is a strong contender. Tons of fun possibilities to think about!

Mindy Bucklew/Simply Grove Contributor

August 16, 2016

Little Boys room via Simply Grove

One room in our house that I haven’t blogged about yet is our son Ethan’s bedroom. It’s not even close to being done but I thought I would show you what we have so far. Because my passion is styling, I am constantly re-styling everything. In fact, this room already looks a little different. As do some of our other rooms. It’s a sickness…I know.

For Ethan’s room, we chose to paint it Baby Seal Black from Benjamin Moore, which as you can see is actually a dark blue. I’m obsessed with this color! Eventually he will have a loft where those top closet doors are. The room is small so we can’t put a whole lot of stuff in there, but that is OK! Ethan is naturally a collector of everything and anything, so less is best for him.

All sources listed below.

Little Boys room via Simply Grove

Little Boys room via Simply Grove

When styling a little boys room, some of the best spots for accessories are thrift store, antique shops and even garage sales. I have found so many cute accessories for both of my kids rooms without breaking the bank. Below are some easy items to spot and use to fill bookshelves, dresser surfaces, walls and side tables.

  1. Globes
  2. Animal Figurines
  3. Vintage posters
  4. Ceramics and pottery
  5. Vintage and Perisian Rugs
  6. Macrame
  7. Vintage picture books
  8. Vintage travel books

Little Boys room via Simply Grove


Paint- Benjamin Moore

American Flag Blanket- in2green

Duvet and Pillow Sham- Flanuer

Vintage Poster- Boise Vintage

Copper Sconce- Barn Light Electric

Forest Art Print- Walls Need Love

Everything else is vintage.

Photography: Hailey Wilson

August 11, 2016

Our favorite chairs for under $400 via simply grove

The Design Files

We have a lot of inquiries for lounge chairs under $400. It seems difficult to find something that is good quality and stylish, but we have narrowed it down to our favorite 4! (See our choices below.) These four can be placed in a variety of spaces. I think I personally own a dozen accent chairs. I am constantly moving them around my home. I guess you can never have enough, right? We also have a few tips on how to get the most use out of your chairs.

Above we see a wired chair that would typically be uncomfortable, but by adding a sheepskin and pillow, it makes it comfy cozy.

Our favorite chairs for under $400 via simply grove

Dot and Bo

I love how there is two different accent chairs in this room. They were able to create a laid back environment by simply placing two unique chairs side by side.

Our favorite chairs for under $400 via simply grove


Placing these two chairs side by side gave this room a more high end look. And to make them more comfortable, they added a black sheepskin to each chair.

Our favorite chairs for under $400 via simply grove