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My cousin Rachelle is doing a Mommy and Me photo challenge over at her blog, KenziePoo and I just had to participate. This is the last night to get involved but if you have an image of you and your little one, post it and send it on over to Rachelle. Read more about the […]

Some more…..

We received our family pictures today in the mail from Yan Photography and I just had to post these 3 images. The first one explains Shane and I very well. Haha. The second one explains why I married this hottie!! (Hopefully you are not mad that I posted this picture babe!!) And the third one, […]

I won……

9 years ago today I married “the one”. Yep, I married the love of my life.To the hottest and greatest man alive, Happy Anniversary babe!!!!


Here is the last kiddo room on this tour. We have a “bonus room” upstairs near the kids rooms that we turned into an all out play room. Nothing about it is adult. There are books, toys, art projects and games that fill this room and sometimes fill it to full. Oh well.This room is […]

My Ethan’s Room….

My son is much more organized and clean by nature then my daughter. Ethan has a place for everything and MUST have a clean room before he goes to sleep every night. I gave him a space without clutter so that it would be easy to clean and organize. I also tried to create a […]

My Eden’s Room….

I have shown a few images of my kid’s rooms in the past but I thought I would give you more of a tour today. We will start with Eden’s room.My Eden Jo is full of personality so I felt her space needed to be fun and whimsical. My dad painted a quote on the […]

First day…..

Yesterday was a rather busy and historic day for my family and I. My son Ethan started PRESCHOOL!! Preschool people! Some of you moms are laughing at me right now because your children are in High School or College and you are thinking to yourselves “Oh honey, just wait”. I know I know. But this […]


A love for design runs in my family. Check out my cousins house tour here.

Family Photos….

We recently had the brilliant Diana from Yan Photography take our family photos. Remember she is the one that took these, these and these as well as my cutie cousins and A Merry Mishap.Her portfolio is increasing and I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to use her before she goes big time […]

I heart all of you…..

Because I only post once daily (I hope to increase that soon) I just reached my 500th post. In fact this very post is number 500. I started Simply Grove in January of 2008 with the intention of posting things that are beautiful to me and showcasing projects that I have done. I am certainly […]

Im off…..

I am headed here probably as you are reading this……talk to you soon!!!

Mr Martha…..

Someone gave me a sewing machine!! Yipppee!! I am so excited and I cant wait to try it however, you want to know a little secret? See the 2 pillows below? Well….my hubby made them. Its true. He is the seamstress in the family. But don’t worry, he really is a manly man. He attributes […]

Up up and away…..

You might have noticed that my profile picture changed from my daughter and I acting silly to my son and I with some balloons. Overdone? Maybe but it was sure a fun prop to use. We used these 2 LARGE balloons for the Stella shower but once the shower was over what would you do […]

Cirque du Stella……

This last weekend my friends and I threw a shower at my house for our bestie who is prego with “Stella”. We have been waiting a long time to throw this particular shower so it had to be a good one. The theme was “Cirque du Stella”. We had to have a cotton candy machine […]

Breakfast at the Groves….

Here is a sneak peak at what my little family looks like around the table in the A.M. My hubby has a funnier take on it here.