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{Style Test} Lauren…

Go here to see Lauren’s {Style Test}.  Thank you for the kind words Lauren! via Aspiring Kennedy.


Cécile’s Style- Chic meets Scandinavian Modern Feminine design became relaxed and comfortable in these spaces.   Color or no color, the rooms feel fresh and full of personality.  Fashion forwards the textures, textiles and lines.  Focus on beautiful furniture and rich textures. via Note Design Studio, Deborah McLean, unknown and unknown.  Do you know?

{Style Test} Leah

Here is another Style Test coming at you from Leah.Leah’s Style- Classic Comfy meets Vintage Modern at a European Hotel. These spaces show no fear of mixing styles, eras and designs. There is room for all but not for the tacky. Color is as extreme as the textiles. Not ment for the light in heart […]

{Style Test} Jennifer

Its been awhile since I have posted a Style Test. This particular one is for a great friend of mine known as A Merry Mishap. I prefer calling her by her first name Jennifer or I even sometimes call her “prego”.Its always hard doing these Tests for friends and especially for friends who have GREAT […]

{Style Test} Sparrow

Sparrow has lovely taste so it was easy to do her Style Test. Enjoy.Sparrow’s Style- Classic modern with a Swedish dose of rustic. These rooms are filled with gorgeous light, stylish pieces and sentimental accessories. The bones of these spaces can be a bit rustic but the layers are nothing short of fabulous and modern. […]

{Style Test} Ashley

Ashley knows exactly what she likes! I hope this helped define her style. Ashley’s Style- Clean chic retro with traditional, classic and rustic moments. Clean white spaces with textures in abundances. Colors are sporadic and rooms are organized but personality is not ignored. Lived in and loved on with no details forgotten. (images via Apartment […]

{Style Test} Shea

SG reader Shea has bold taste. Not tacky bold but put together beautiful bold. Very nice!Don’t forget to enter the GiveawayShea’s Style- A bold expression of Modern Glam and Bohemian with bits of Mid century. This Style is fun, quirky, full of style and big on personality. Color is not ignored and textiles love to […]

{Style Test} Courtney

Courtney has some great taste so I hope I was able to diagnose her properly. (Hehe. Its funny to use the word diagnose.)Courtney’s Style- Eclectic mix of Modern Glam with Youthful Traditional. These spaces are very Vogue. Fashion and Interiors love each other and really compliment each other. Colors are trendy and chic. Textiles are […]

{Style Test} Karen

Karen who is an Interior Designer herself has incredible taste so it was quite fun to do her Style Test. She wanted a third party opinion so I hope this helped Karen solidify her Style.Karen’s Style- Bold Glam with Young Traditional meets Beautiful Chic. Paris, Madrid and New York City have met. Colors are vibrant, […]

{Style Test} Joanna

So I am finally finishing up my last batch of {Style Tests}. (If you are still waiting for yours its coming!!!) This {Style Test} comes from Joanna who is a magazine editor. She is engaged (Congrats!) and will be combining households soon. I hope that this led you in the right direction Joanna!!! Joanna’s Style- […]

{Style Test} Ameleah

This {Style Test} was sent in from Ameleah and I think she is some great taste! Ameleah is in the process of remodeling her bungalow. I have a feeling it is going to turn out very impressive.Ameleah’s Style- Chic Glamor with Federalist and Traditional details. Creative spaces that mix old with new, bold colors with […]

{Style Test} Julia

Its the return of the {Style Test} and I am liking Julia’s Style!Julia’s Style- Earthy Glam with Traditional, Modern and Cottage touches. Color is played with in this style and not afraid to be showcased. The bones of a room are earthy but the dressings of a room are glamorous and eclectic. Accessories are fun, […]

{Style Test} Stacy

Stacy knows that her style has changed over the years but didn’t quite know what her new style consisted of. Here is her {Style Test}.Stacy’s Style- Eclectic mix of Vintage, French Country and Industrial with a splash of Cape Cod Contemporary. Stacy likes personality in spaces but never compromises style. Vintage and contemporary style mesh […]

{Style Test} Whitney

I was unable to post all of Whitney’s images but these 2 really sum up her style! I really enjoyed diagnosing her:) Enjoy!Whitney’s Style- Vintage and Mid Century Modern with pops of Modern Country. Whitney likes spaces that are full of personality and whimsy. Colors are not a threat and mixing patterns and textures work […]

{Style Test} Patricia

This next SG Style Test comes from artist and blogger Patricia van Essche. Her blog, pve design, is packed full of her personal amazing work. Because she is such a fantastic artist I knew her style would be just as fantastic…sure enough.Patricia’s Style- Traditional, Simplistic and Modern-Federalist. All Organically brought together. Patricia likes clean, uncluttered […]