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{CLOSED} Congrats to Sarah Rose! You are the winner! Today I have a fun giveaway for you! I am giving away these 3 coat hangers from Mooi Goed. The three Mooi Goed Coat Hangers are cut out of a single sheet of metal in the shape of a branch and finished in black. By bending certain [...]


Hi friends! Sorry for my absence! I’ve been trying to stay a float these past few weeks and I seem to be failing my to do list. But never fear, I am here….barely! I kid i kid. Below are some note worthy products! Have you been introduced to Hem yet?? I’m obsessed! It’s total high [...]

Product Alert

I always have me eyes open for new product alerts. These may not be brand new to the market but I think you will all enjoy them. And I need that bird art! 1. Recycled Tent Rug 2. Nordic Dresser 3. Bird Art 4. Brass Light

Bathroom project and trends

Image: My Instagram I am working on a bathroom reno right now. The homeowners are good friends of mine that live in a 1920′s farmhouse on the outskirts of Boise. It’s an amazing amazing home that deserves a super cool bathroom. Large hexagon tiles have been on my mind a lot lately! Specifically black tiles [...]

Define Your Style

Have you ever wondered what your decor style really is? Is it minimalist modern? Is it clean contemporary? Or maybe glam bohemian? Whenever I first interview a potential client, we first establish what their design aesthetic is. My first test is to have them pick 5-7 images off of Pinterest that they are immediately attracted [...]

Bedroom Tips

I was browsing Derek Swalwell’s photography portfolio and fell in love with some of the bedrooms that he has shot. They vary from warm to stylish to just really really relaxing and cool. Bedrooms can be easily overlooked, but my belief is that bedrooms should be a priority since you spend a whole lot of [...]


Image: Wit & Delight CONGRATS to Kristin Montgomery for winning this giveaway! Recently I have become quite the art lover. It’s a fact that art can instantly make or break a space. Let me introduce you to Crated. Crated’s mission is to be the online community that powers the local art scene yet offers a [...]

I’d live here

It’s been a busy week over here. So posts are extremely light. But I just had to include this home. It’s bright and cheery. And it also shows that small spaces can be extremely liveable! See more here.

One shelf in the kitchen

Image: Svenska I may not cook a lot, but I do love me a good kitchen! There is something to say about a well designed kitchen. Since they are the heart of the home, they should be a proud moment for the resident. There are a few cosmetic changes that you can make to your [...]

Create the best small kitchen

My latest eHow article is all about creating an efficient small kitchen. Which is a perfect subject for me right now because my new kitchen is teeny tiny. There are a few tricks of the trade that will allow you to utilize every inch of your kitchen. Check out the entire article here. Also if [...]

Accents of plants

Images: Stadshem Maybe it’s because I recently moved and I have been craving a specific aesthetic… but interiors like this have me giving standing ovations. The natural light, white walls and green accents are exactly what is on trend right now. These are spaces that make working, eating and living so much easier and carefree. [...]

A moment with J. Jill

It’s an obvious observation to judge that I like interior design. I mean, it’s all I ever talk about here on Simply Grove. And if I had to choose to spend money on decor or clothing, I most likely would choose decor. BUT that’s not saying that I don’t love fashion because I really really do [...]

Moving Day

It’s amazing how much stuff you DON’T get done during moving week. So cheers to have a giant list of to do’s but officially moving TODAY! Can’t wait for you all to see my little brick bungalow. See you soon, friends! xxoo


Image: Design Files “We shall never forget, we shall keep this day, we shall keep the events and the tears in our minds, our memory and our hearts and take them with us as we carry on”  September, 11, 2001

Decorating a small space and WINNER

Image: Decor 8 Because the house that we are moving into is a downsize for us, I am all about studying the art of decorating small spaces. For some it can be overwhelming and for others it can be refreshing. For us, it’s refreshing. I’ve already given away bags and bags and boxes of STUFF. [...]