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3 Interior Design Trends

Image: Skona Hem There are three interior design trends that I am really digging right now. And I wouldn’t even consider them trends as much a design movements that I think will stick around for awhile. It’s like the classic striped shirt paired with denim. They’ve been around for a long time but have made [...]

Pillow Love…

This is for all of you pillow lovers! Created by textile designer Amira Marion, ARCHIVE NEW YORK has some amazing pillows involving a collection of vintage and antique fabric remnants. At Archive, they hunt down the rarest, most unique textiles and transform them into an assemblage of radiantly colorful silk prints. I can see these pillows paired with other [...]

Camping in Idaho and Links

Image via here. When you read this post, I will be camping somewhere high up in beautiful Idaho. Tent camping isn’t my ideal situation but camping with great friends is always a bonus. It seems like this summer has been a crazy, fun filled adventure for my family and I. I am pretty excited to [...]

Children’s Wallpaper

This children’s wallpaper just in! Nubie is delighted to introduce Sian Zeng and her wonderfully whimsical collection of magnetic children’s wallpaper. This adorable patterned wallpaper has the ability to come to life for your child, by adding fun magnets that create stories to be told. Quirky quotes can also be added along the way with write-on speech [...]


The Acute Stool via TGIF! Hope you all enjoy your weekend. I know I will! A few things to note. I started a Boutique and I’m loving all of the items in each store. Check it out here. Backwards Books. It’s a thing. See more here. Shane and I are on the hunt [...]

Lost & Found for Anthropologie

When Anthropologie invited Jamie Rosenthal, the visionary founder of LA shopping mecca, Lost & Found, to collaborate with them, magic happened. This is the first time Anthropologie has given a partner the opportunity to fully curate a collection and it really really worked! Drawing from her extensive experience as a retailer, stylist and a documentary film maker, Jamie has created an internationally-sourced [...]

Colorful Kitchen Accessories

Image via The Design Chaser Have you ever wondered what to decorate your kitchen with? I feel like my clients are always looking for the perfect canister, wooden spoon or coffee mug. Kitchen accessories can definitely modernize your kitchen. Adding color can also modernize it and give it personality. Some of my favorite kitchens seen [...]

National Hammock Day

Today is National Hammock Day. How fun is that?!? I personally don’t own a hammock but I really wish that I did. Our home has amazing trees surrounding and there are several perfect spots for a hammock. Anyone who is a warm weather romantic should enjoy a comfy, cozy hammock. It’s the perfect spot to [...]

Interior Paint Colors…

There is nothing better than finding the perfect interior paint colors for your interior. You feel like you’ve conquered a mountain or something. It’s like winning a victory! Colorhouse has recently launched an exclusive palette of 36 interior hues to Rejuvenation, the general store for home improvement projects. Designed for the modern pioneer, the collection [...]

24 Hours in Boise Idaho

This week I was able to share some of my favorite moments of my hometown, Boise Idaho on Design Sponge. Boise has been an amazing city to live in these past 16 years. I am so proud of the city we are developing into. Anyways, you can head over to Design Sponge to see the [...]

Au Prints For Your Home

Having great art on the walls of your home is liking having a really beautiful pair of shoes on. It completes an outfit and brings everything together. It can make a space feel alive and full of personality. Au Prints has a new variety of prints that evoke character and style. Au is the chemical [...]

Get The Look…

Hey friends! I’m in Georgia right now, spending time with one of my besties, Naphtali. She just had a baby and created the sweetest nursery for her daughter. My favorite corner is where the dresser/changing table is. It’s the perfect nursery DIY decor. Naphtali hand made the tassels with colored tissue paper. She purchased the [...]

Houseplants and Projects…

I’m over on The Interior Collective talking about house plants in the bathroom, using vibrant pillows and other fun topics. Check it all out here. BTW, I’m a little MIA right now and it’s all for good reasons. I’m finishing up some great design projects that I cannot wait to show all of you. Until [...]

Wool Blanket…

Blankets are an investment that keep on giving. I bought my favorite wool blanket a few years ago and still use it frequently. Milo and Mitzy and Forestry Home have joined together in an exclusive design collaboration. The Circle/Grid blanket is 100% New Zealand wool made in EU. You can purchase it through Piece Makers and or Forestry.

Scandinavian Design…

I am so thrilled to be featuring Cori Magee’s apartment on Simply Grove. Cori Magee is an amazing graphic designer who has an eye for everything cool and stylish. Her scandinavian design inspired space feels so comfortable yet so put together. Cori’s space is also relatable and doesn’t feel stuffy nor too proper. I asked [...]