May 11, 2016

Joie Sundays Girl via Simply Grove

Joie Sundays Girl via Simply Grove

Joie Sundays Girl via Simply Grove

This past weekend, my kids and I were featured on Joie Sunday Girl, Mother’s Day Special, which was a total honor! The talented Karen Krum snapped our pics for this feature. You can see us here, and the rest of the awesome mommas here. Thank you, Joie!

May 10, 2016

via simply grove

I’ve been in NYC the past few days with my hubby. It’s been half business and half eating and shopping…and more eating. Over the weekend, we attended BKLYN DESIGNS in Williamsburg. I loved it! Brooklyn has an overwhelming amount of talent. From furniture to ceramics, it’s a one stop artist shop. Every year, BKLYN DESIGNS brings incredible talent together and celebrates the creativity that lives in Brooklyn. I am forever a Brooklyn fan.

After walking around NYC, Brooklyn specifically, you begin to appreciate small spaces and what they represent. This Brooklyn apartment tour, seen on Apartment Therapy, is a great example of a small space done right. It’s well thought out in the placement of furniture and decor. It’s also stylish without being too trendy. Meaning, the pieces that they’ve used are both timeless and modern, which I think is important in a small space. You don’t want to feel cluttered and chaotic.

See the entire tour here.

via simply grove

via simply grove

via simply grove

via simply grove

via simply grove

via simply grove

May 6, 2016

via simply grove

Happy almost Mother’s Day to all of you incredible moms who sacrifice on a daily basis to create a stable, loving home for your children. You have the toughest yet most rewarding job EVER! I’ve come together with Enrou, a lifestyle brand that focuses on social impact in developing communities. They asked me one simple question-

What do you love about being a mom?

Oh man. Where does one begin with this question?? Here’s my short answer.

I love waking up every morning, seeing my kids sleepy head faces. I love when they tell me that they love me. I love when I see them respectfully talk to strangers. I love knowing that these two children will forever make my life full and exciting. I love that even when I’m feeling icky, they make me feel like a million dollars. I love creating a safe and comfortable home for them. I love helping them chase their dreams, even when they feel impossible. I love being a mom, not because it’s easy and and non challenging, cause it’s not, but because it makes me a better human. I love my kids!

If you are looking for the perfect Mothers Day gift, Enrou has an amazing collection made by moms, for moms.


May 5, 2016

Sofa Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: Est Living

It’s time to talk sofas today! If you ask me, these are the real heavy hitters when it comes to living spaces. Perhaps more than any other piece of furniture, they really help to anchor the room and pull everything together stylistically. Also, when you consider how many times you, and maybe others in your household, sit or lounge on your sofa throughout any given day, you have to add durability, comfort, and size into the equation, too. I once heard a notable designer say that, because of its usage and prominence, your sofa should be the most expensive item in your entire living room. And while I don’t necessarily agree that a sofa needs to break the bank, I do think you need to consider your options carefully. Take a look at a few of my favorites…


Sofa Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: West Elm

As long as I live and breathe, a whiskey colored leather sofa will always be tops on my list. It pairs so nicely with other neutrals and looks perfect against warm wood tones. A trim shape and tapered wooden legs give this version a cool mid century vibe. Timeless, yet very of-the-moment.   


Sofa Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: Camille Styles

One of the quickest ways to make a small living space feel bigger is to choose a low profile sofa. I’m loving this long and lean option in rich velvety brown. The dark color provides just the right contrast to this bright white space, and the lower height is the ideal choice beneath a large gallery wall.


Sofa Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: Hanna’s Room

It doesn’t get much comfier than a great sectional. This gray version, with its deep seats and large ottomans is the perfect choice for lounging the day away in a family room or cozy basement. Just add pillows…preferably lots of them.


Sofa Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: Apartment Therapy

Sometimes it’s okay to get a little fancy. Just be sure to balance things out. The intricate woodwork and tufting of this blue vintage beauty looks so right with a rugged cowhide rug and rustic side tables.


Sofa Inspiration via Simply Grove

Image: Jaclyn Paige

Three words: tufted…black…leather. Honestly, this type of sofa (whatever the variation) looks good with practically anything and will never go out of style. It’s an iconic look with the added advantage of high durability. When in doubt, just do it.

Mindy Bucklew/Simply Grove Contributor

May 4, 2016

Coverings 2016 via Simply Grove

Via Landmark Ceramics Booth

A few weeks ago, Simply Grove contributor, Janna Smith, attended Coverings 2016. After being a part of the Coverings 2016 VIP press tour, we are all in a tile frenzy. Coverings 2016 opened our eyes to texture, beauty and every detail that is thought out when perfecting the craft of the perfect slab. Everywhere we go, we stare and touch tile. After touring the different booths of Tile of Spain, Tile Council of North America, and Ceramics of Italy, one thing became certain. There is a plethora of tile options that will make any space amazing! So much effort was put into curating the most incredible booths at Coverings.We were taken back with the design and uniqueness of this intricate tile world. Some of our favorites were SICIS, appiani, LEA, Red Rock Tile Works and 41zero42. Below is a few examples of tile done right from 41zero42.

41zero42 via Simply Grove

41zero42 via Simply Grove

41zero42 via Simply Grove



May 3, 2016

Ferm Living via Simply Grove

Ferm Living is one of those brands that instantly captures your attention. Firmly rooted in traditional Scandinavian design, while also incorporating unique graphic details, the products offered by this company never cease to impress. What originally began as a simple wallpaper collection in 2006 has now successfully morphed into an entire home goods line ranging from textiles to decorative objects, and even includes a collection for kids.

Personally, I’ve loved adding their clever little cloud wallstickers to my sons’ room. They’ve literally made all the difference in giving the space that perfect modern touch. I really appreciate that their graphics are fun and whimsical without being kitschy, and I think that design aesthetic translates to the rest of the brand as well. And now I have my eye on some of their brass hexagonal planters…so sleek!

Although Ferm Living is based out of Denmark, those of us in the U.S. and Canada can still access their products through their retail partner, Clever Spaces. If you’d like to see more from the brand, here are a few more of my favorites from their collection…

Ferm Living via Simply Grove

Ferm Living via Simply Grove

Ferm Living via Simply Grove

Ferm Living via Simply Grove

Ferm Living via Simply Grove

*All images courtesy of Ferm Living.

Mindy Bucklew/Simply Grove Contributor

April 29, 2016

PlushRugs via Simply Grove

Today marks 8 days in our new house. If you’re following me on Instagram or Snap Chat, you’ll see that we’re moving fast on the Simply Grove renovation. We’ve got a tight timeframe that we are trying to stick to. One of the rooms that we set up quickly was the living room. We needed one room to lounge in, especially because the rest of the home is in disarray. Thanks to PlushRugs, my living room feels completely cozy and comfortable. Because I can’t, and don’t want to show you full pictures of the home, I at least wanted to show you snippets of this May-6 rug from the Maya Collection from PlushRugs. It’s my new favorite! It’s a modern interpretation of the classic Morocan Berber carpets. I am an advocate for rugs. They can change a space from drab to awesome! This specific rug took our living room and modernized it but didn’t take away from comfort.


PlushRugs via Simply Grove

PlushRugs via Simply Grove

PlushRugs has branched out from only having rugs and has recently launched HedgeApple, a great source for furniture and home decor.

April 28, 2016

The Best of Boise Idaho via Simply Grove

Illustration by Morgan Wolf Design

It’s no secret that I live in Boise, Idaho. It’s been my city for the past 18 years, which seems crazy to me! I moved here at the tail end of my senior year and I haven’t left. I’ve had people ask me how I ended up in Boise. Family is what got me here and my husband is what got me to stay…:) I met him through my cousins and immediately fell smitten. He was born and raised in Boise and has always been a huge fan. When we got married, we naturally knew that Boise would be our forever home. I am Boise’s biggest fan! I love this city for so many reasons. The quality of life is unbeatable here. Raising a family is easy and fun. The community surrounding this city is invested, friendly and passionate to make Boise the best. Boise is also growing and evolving beautifully. Start up companies are moving here and creating an entrupanierhl buzz. The landscape of this city is maturing thanks to investors that love Boise and see major potential. We have been 0n more national lists than I can count! So to say the least, I love Boise.

I decided to put together a list of what I love about this city. Everything from the best thrifting to the best coffee. Now, if we missed something, don’t get mad. Simply email me and we will add it to this list of Boise awesomeness.


The Best of Boise


via Simply Grove

Alloway Lighting via Simply Grove Instagram



Renewal Home

517 S 8th St.

Once upon a time

4774 W State St.

Killer accessories, art and ceramics.

Enchanting Objects

4906 W state St.

Shabby Chic Antiques

Idaho youth ranch Thrift Store

1417 W Main St

250 N Orchard

10353 W Fairview Ave

Pots, vases and occasional furniture finds.


8300 W Overland Rd

Watch monthly for great target deliveries.


10475 W Fairview Ave


10740 W Fairview Ave

L.A. Junk Antiques

1911 W State St

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift

251 N Orchard St

Low cost shopping alternative of quality goods.

Antique Wold Mall

4544 Overland Rd

The Recycled room

9115 W chinden Blvd #102

Consigned furniture and home decor.

A.E. Hudsons Antiques

1810 W State St.


via simply grove

Echelon via Simply Grove Instagram



Boise Vintage

1524 S Broadway Ave

The best of mid-century can be found here.


108 N Latah St.

Another winning mid-century shop. Some of my favorite vintage furniture pieces have been from Beatnik.

Bee Wise Goods+Bakery

3017 W State St

Handmade, vintage, antique, and quirky items for your home.

HOME by Melisa James

3011 W State St.

If you love vintage pieces with a shabby chic flair, this is your spot!

The Speakeasy Gallery

850 W. Main St.

Boise Vintage sells their high end items here.

Chandi Lighting 

1110 W Jefferson St

Owner Meredith Clark creates some of the most beautiful custom lighting. You must visit to believe.


1404 W Main St

All of your modern and contemporary furniture and home goods can be met here.

Mixed greens

237 N 9th St

The perfect place to find unique home decor.

36th st Nursery

3823 Garden Center Way

Some of the best indoor plants can be found here, as well as awesome decor and items to style your home with.

Alloway Lighting

1420 Grove St

A lighting one stop shop with the best customer service.

Lit & Co.

3019 W State St.

The best smelling candles in the city.


650 E Fairview Ave

Mid-century and antiques fill this space.


1220 W State St.

Flowers and gifts fill this yummy space.

Paperie and Pen

The Village at Meridian. 3540 E Longwing Ln

All things paper! And they have awesome art and home decor goods.

Tai pan trading

1123 N Milwaukee St

Kitchen accessories here are on point.

Flowers At Will

2500 W Overland Rd.

A mix of home decor and flowers.


Furniture Outfitters

76 N Cole Rd.

They have lots of budget friendly furniture pieces.

West Elm

824 W. Idaho St.


The Village at Meridian. 3540 E Longwing Ln

World Market

Milwaukee Marketplace, 1157 N


633 N Milwaukee St.

Pottery barn

350 N Milwaukee St


3503 n Eagle Rd

Furniture and drapery finds.


via simply grove

Blush via Simply Grove Instagram



Fancy pants

825 W Idaho St

Blush by Jaime Rose

405 S 8th St #109

Piece Unique

205 N. 10th


817 W. Idaho

Urban Outfitters

328 S. 8th


The Village at Meridian, 3600 E Fairview, Meridian, ID

Nordstrom Rack

Boise Towne Square, 534 N Milwaukee St

Boise Towncenter

350 north Milwaukee

(Includes stores like H&M and JCrew)

The Village at Meridian

3600 E Fairview, Meridian, ID

(Includes stores like Lulu Lemon, Lush, Robert Comstock, Walla Walla Clothing Company)


via simply grove

Slow By Slow via Simply Grove Instagram



Slow by Slow

403 S 8th St


223 N 6th St #110 and 612 N 13th St

The District Coffee House

219 N 10th St

Hyde Perk Coffee House

1507 N 13th St

Flying M Coffeehouse

500 W Idaho St #100

Janjou Patisserie

1754 W State St

Thomas Hammer

298 N 8th St

Neckar Coffee

The Boise Farmers Market every Saturday


via simply grove

Hyde Perk via Simply Grove Instagram



Guru Donuts

204 N Capital BLVD

Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro

108 S Capitol Blvd

Moon’s Kitchen Cafe

712 W Idaho St.


501 W Main St

Trolley House

1821 E Warm Springs Ave

Wild Root Cafe & Market

276 N 8th St


211 N 8th St

Saint Lawrence Gridiron

705 W Bannock St

*Saturdays & Sundays only

Red Feather Lounge

246 N 8th St

*Saturdays & Sundays only

Capri Restaurant

2520 W Fairview Ave

Big City Coffee & Cafe

1416 Grove Street

Joe momma’s

600 S Rivershore Ln #170

Sunrise Cafe Boise

7135 W State St

Dutch Oven Cafe

1621 N Orchard


223 N 6th St and 1612 N 13Th st

Cottonwood Grille

913 W River St

*Saturdays & Sundays only

Janjou Patisserie

1754 W State St


via simply grove

On The Fly via Simply Grove Instagram




224 n 10th St

On The Fly Deli

800 W Main St #200

Jenny’s lunch line

106 N 6th St

Boise Co-op

888 W Fort St

Bowl Of Heaven

5628 W State st

Whole Foods

201 S broadway Ave


223 N 6th St and 1612 N 13Th st

Boise Fry Company

204 n Capitol Blvd

The Dish

205 N 10th St #110


246 N 8th St

Sandbar at the Riverside hotel

2900 W Chinden Blvd

Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria

800 W. Main St #230

Fanci Freez

1402 W State St

Red Feather

246 n 8th

Pie Hole

205 N 8th

Flying Pie

4320 W Fairview

Mai Thai

750 W Idaho St

Pho Nouveau

780 W Idaho


via simply grove

Juniper via Simply Grove Instagram



State and Lemp

2870 W State St


211 N 8th St

10 Barrel Brewing

830 W Bannock St


981 W Grove St


276 Bobwhite Ct.


199 N 8th St

Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery

610 W Grove St


246 N 8th St

Cafe Vicino

808 W Fort St


807 W Idaho St


11 N Orchard St


105 S 6th St


913 W River St

13th st pub and grill

1520 N 13th St

Casa Mexico

1605 N 13th St


1002 W. Main St

Saint Lawrence Gridiron

705 W Bannock St


215 N 8th St

Pho Nouveau

780 W Idaho

Flatbread Neapolitan Pizzeria

800 W. Main St #230

Mai Thai

750 W Idaho St

The Brickyard



The Funky Taco

Archie’s Place

B-Town Bistro

Tiki Teriyaki

Murphy’s Mini Donuts

Bowld Over

Brown Shuga SouldFood

Boise Fry Company

Rice Works Asian Food

Mad Mac



Bowl of heaven

5628 W State St

Kind Cuisine Cafe

4628 W State St

Boise Co-op

888 W Fort St

On the fly Rotisserie Deli

800 W Main St

Tree City Juice 

1265 S Capitol BLVD

Whole foods

201 S broadway Ave

Boise Juice


via simply grove

via Simply Grove Instagram



10 barrel brewing Co

830 W Bannock St

Prefunk Beer Bar

1100 W Front St


246 N 8th St

Payette Brewing

111 W 33rd St


3019 N Cole Rd


274 N 8th St

Boise brewing

521 W Broad St



The Atlas Bar

108 S 11th St


211 N 8th St

Mai Thai

750 W Idaho St

Modern Hotel

1314 W Grove St

The Mode Lounge

800 W Idaho St

Red Feather Lounge

246 N 8th t


199 N 8th St


610 W Grove St


807 W Idaho St



Modern Hotel

1314 W Grove St

The Grove Hotel

245 S Capitol Blvd

Hotel 43

981 W Grove St

Boise Guesthouse

614 N 5th St




boise art museum

670 Juila David Dr

idaho state historical museum

610 Julia Davis Dr

old idaho penitentiary

2445 Old Penitentiary Rd

Idaho State Capitol Building

700 W Jefferson St



Hiking & Trails




Discovery center

Boise Public Library

Boise Water Activities

-paddle boarding



-river floating

Bogus Basin Ski resort



-Snow tubing


via simply grove




24th and Ridenbaugh

This neighborhood is full of personality with streets of historic homes, huge trees and tons of parks. Definitely a Boise favorite!


Anything west of 28th St.

Easy access to Boise River Greenbelt and the foothills for some awesome hiking. This area is a mid-century gold mine.


Between 36th & Collister North & South of Catalpa

Most tranquil of all the neighborhoods. It has an historic and northend vibe with more reasonable prices. Also has easy access to trails and hiking.


Here you will find new construction and modern subdivision with large landscapes.


Glen Haven Street, Morris Hill, Alpine and Roosevelt

Another mid-century dream. Affordable living for eclectic neighborhoods.


Considered Boise Bronco’s Territory. Super close to BSU campus with lots of great, older homes.


Treefort Music Fest

An event that welcomes well-known and independent artists from all over the globe. With dozens of venues throughout the city you are able to discover new bands from sun-up to sun-down.

First Thursday

An event that occurs every first thursday of the month. It takes place all throughout Boise from 5:00-9:00 pm and provides visitors and locals to roam the streets of downtown and visit shops and galleries. In-store entertainment, tastings and special events are all for your enjoyment.

The Boise Farmers Market

Every Saturday from 9:00am to 1:00pm at 10th and Grove in downtown Boise. A family oriented market that provides you with some of the best food trucks and local vendors.

Capital City Public Market

This giant market is also every Saturday from 9-1pm on 8th St. You will find tons and tons of amazing makers, food vendors and local awesomeness.

Wintry Market

A space full of some of the best local makers! Plan to attend this every November.


April 26, 2016

Minimal Design via Simply Grove

Image: Facing North With Gracia

When you think about minimalism, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Some people might say that it’s too stark or too devoid of color. Or, perhaps, that it feels a little like living in a gallery. And, of course, it certainly can be those things if taken to the extreme. But if you look at the true motive behind minimalism, it’s really meant to showcase good design rather than detract from it. It’s about finding the pieces you really love and making them the star of the show, instead of filling in all the gaps just because a space feels slightly “unfinished”. It involves creating a well-loved, carefully curated collection that speaks for itself. In the words of renowned architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, “less is more”. And I can’t help but agree that, when it comes to design, it’s often the simplistic spaces that are the most stunning. Case in point, here are a few more examples of minimalism at it’s best…

Minimal Design via Simply Grove

Image: My Scandinavian Home

Clean, white walls and a matching floor create the perfect canvas for this modern living room. With a few well-placed elements like an Eames lounge chair, jute rug, and low-hanging pendant, this space feels surprisingly complete.

Minimal Design via Simply Grove

Image: Riikka Kantinkoski

I love the look of these sleek black cabinets with an equally dark countertop. Your eyes are instantly drawn to all the beautiful details, like the cutting boards, ceramics, and brass sconces.

Minimal Design via Simply Grove

Image: Funktion Alley

Nothing else is needed in this simple dining nook other than a terrific pendant, a few mesh chairs, and a couple of eye-catching plants. Yep, I’d eat my breakfast here.

Minimal Design via Simply Grove

Image: Design Sponge

Bathrooms are one of those spaces where I always err on the side of minimalism. You can’t beat bright white walls and clean, uncluttered countertops. It’s a guaranteed way to make a small room feel larger and more open.

Minimal Design via Simply Grove

Image: Hey Cheese

Let’s talk about this minimal office space. The shelving, alone, is a work of art. Smart design features, like a built-in desktop with matching hidden drawers, allow this space to feel clean, modern, and unobtrusive. Truly the perfect work environment.

Mindy Bucklew/Simply Grove Contributor

April 21, 2016

via Simply Grove

I’ve had the renovation bug for a while now. We have been renting for the past few years, so any changes made in a rental have to be small and temporary. My husband and I started the house shopping process a few months back. We looked at MANY homes. Some were move in ready. Others needed to be burnt to the ground out of pure disgust. We knew we wanted something with a lot of character but didn’t want to have to call the mold patrol. Anyways…LONG story short…we found our dream home, made an offer and it was accepted! And the best part is, it’s move in ready AND ready for a renovation! Best of both worlds. A little bit about the house… It’s a 1957 ranch style. It sits on a nice sized lot with lots of room to grow. The inside has so much character! You’ll find teak wood, stone fireplaces, lots of great, big windows. Here is a couple sneak peeks of the house in it’s original state, before we bought it.

Simply Grove house before.

Simply Grove house before.

Simply Grove house before.

Paneling, shakes, lava fireplaces…it’s got it all!!

We want to keep you in the renovation loop, so we are going to film this process, as well as updating you right here on Simply Grove. And on my social media channels, you can follow along with the hashtag #simplygroverenovation. PS- I’m on snapchat daily, so follow me at Kirsten Grove.

Happy Renovation!!


April 21, 2016

Fracture via Simply Grove

I am always looking for new and fresh ways to print and display my photos. I had taken some pictures of my kids this past winter and I really wanted to display them in my home. When I first heard of Fracture, I knew that I wanted to test it with the pictures that I took. Oh my good heavens! They came out perfect! Fracture prints your photos in vivid color, directly to glass. It’s picture frame and mount all in one. It creates a clean, non fussy look for your pictures. And it saves you lots of money not having to frame your pictures. Create your own picture magic with Fracture here.

Fracture via Simply Grove

Fracture via Simply Grove

Fracture via Simply Grove

This post was sponsored by Fracture. All opinions are my own. Thank you
for allowing me to continue to do what I love and share what I love!​

April 20, 2016

Bedroom Makeover designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Who doesn’t love a good bedroom makeover….on a budget! The awesome owners of this bathroom renovation recently asked me to help them with a quick and budget friendly makeover to their master bedroom. MY FAVORITE kind of design! We needed the basic accessories-

1. Bedding
2. Rug
3. Lighting
4. Side Tables
5. Art
6. Accessories

Below you can see that the room was a nice, blank slate.

Bedroom Makeover designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

I wanted to give this room an understated pop. To begin, I chose a modern black and white diamond wallpaper from Walls Need Love. It adds instant personality and style! And to play off of the wallpaper, we went with this diamond rug. The walls were already white so I decided not to paint. This room has great natural light, and the white makes it that much more open and fabulous!

The lighting desperately needed swapped out. For more reading light, sconces were needed. These CB2 sconces are always a good idea!

My favorite detail in this room is the wall hanging from Aletheia Designs. It’s simple yet so so beautiful! We went with a platform bed that didn’t have a headboard, so a wall hanging in this size is a great alternative in place of a headboard.

(More sources listed at the end of this post)

Bedroom Makeover designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

They wanted to keep a TV in their bedroom but didn’t want it to be a focal point. So I created a small art gallery around the TV. I know it’s been done a lot BUT it really is the best solution! To keep the wall looking eclectic and organic, we used a variety of art and wall accessories, including a mirror and a clock.

Bedroom Makeover designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Bedroom Makeover designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Bedroom Makeover designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Bedroom Makeover designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Bedroom Makeover designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Bedroom Makeover designed by Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Images: Kirsten Grove


Wall Hanging, Bedding, Sheets, Throw PillowThrow BlanketRug, SconcesSide Tables (Similar), Art, ArtWall Clock.



Artifact Uprising via simply grove

Artifact Uprising via simply grove

Artifact Uprising via simply grove

Artifact Uprising via simply grove

Do you have loads of pictures that you don’t know what to do with? My camera roll is full of memories that I want to showcase but I don’t want tons of frames on my mantel…..ya know?! I love the Square Prints from Artifact Uprising. These bordered paper prints with high quality, textured matte-finish, are downloaded straight from your device and sent to your home. One set includes 25 images and can be downloaded from Instagram, VSCO, your photo gallery, your computer or dropbox.

It’s endless how you can display these prints. You can create a collage similar to the one that we created by attaching the prints to your wall with tape. Or you could fill a coffee table book with the images. Many many options!

BEST NEWS EVER! You can order one set of 25 prints for FREE! Just use the code SIMPLYGROVE25 at checkout from now until April 29th. (Shipping is not included.) Either shop online or download their app. Thank you Artifact Uprising for being so awesome.

April 14, 2016

Decorate with blue via Simply Grove written by Mindy Bucklew

Image: The Design Chaser

Good news for all you blue lovers out there! This color is having a major moment right now. I see it cropping up everywhere these days, from accent walls to cabinetry. And it isn’t just one shade in particular. Turquoise, powder blue, navy, and everything in between seems to be sharing the spotlight. The thing I really love about blue is that it pairs so well with other neutrals. Honestly, it’s one of the first choices I gravitate towards when I’m wanting to add color to any given space. If you, too, are feeling the blues (in a good way), take a peek at some of my favorite ways to incorporate this lovely color into your home…


Decorate with blue via Simply Grove written by Mindy Bucklew

Image: Apartment Therapy

I’ll take a set of these powder blue dining chairs, please. Paired against a pale backdrop of white walls and a light wood floor, this one simple color addition makes an instant design statement.

Decorate with blue via Simply Grove written by Mindy Bucklew

Image: Deluxe Catalog

A row of beautiful glass jars in varying shades of blue does wonders for this neutral sideboard. Add in the chevron patterned rug and you’ve got a match made in heaven.

Decorate with blue via Simply Grove written by Mindy Bucklew

Image: Halcyon House

This bathroom is speaking my love language. Nothing makes a white tub pop like a stunning tile floor. Adding in warmer elements, like a rustic stool and brass hardware, keeps the space from feeling too cool and sterile.

Decorate with blue via Simply Grove written by Mindy Bucklew

Image: Style by Emily Henderson

A baby blue Smeg fridge just belongs in an all white kitchen, wouldn’t you agree? It’s retro and modern all at the same time. And also really, really cute.

Decorate with blue via Simply Grove written by Mindy Bucklew

Image: Style Me Pretty

This dreamy print, you guys! I can’t get enough of it. In a neutral frame, set against a minty wall and a dark sideboard…well, I’ll just leave it at that.

Mindy Bucklew/Simply Grove Contributor


COLOR via Simply Grove

Image: VT Wonen

Choosing the perfect color in a bedroom can be intimidating. You don’t want to choose something that you will get tired of quickly. Using colorful linens is the perfect solution. You can change them out at anytime. Here are a few beautiful bedrooms that illustrate just how easy it is to introduce color in your linens and bed pillows.

Also, if you are shopping for new linens, below are a few of my favorite sites that have a wide variety of colors and sizes.

+Flaneur +Authenticity 50 +BedFace +Sachi +Coyuchi +Barn and Willow

COLOR in the bedroom via Simply Grove

Image: ELLE Decoration

COLOR in the bedroom via Simply Grove

Image: Home Adore

COLOR in the bedroom via Simply Grove

Image: Norsu Interiors

COLOR in the bedroom via Simply Grove

Image: Mim Design