Christmas Interview with Emily Henderson…

You know who this fabulous stylist is.  You know what she won.  You know how darn talented she is.  But I bet you didn’t know her thoughts on Christmas.  Don’t worry.  I asked her for all of us.

How do you determine Christmas Decor?  a. Color themes?  b. Traditions passed down?

Its so funny because i’m not really a grown up yet so i don’t really decorate.  When we lived in new york our place was so small that i couldn’t handle the extra stuff.  But, one time we had a christmas party where i invited a bunch of my fancier stylist friends who had never been over before and i was too busy to decorate so i let my husband take over (he’s much more nostalgic when it comes to holiday traditions than i am).  I came home to pre-made gift wrapping bows (you know the ones that you buy at the 99 cent store that you just pop on top of the present?) all over the walls, and i mean like crazy person polka dottying the walls.  The self-conscious pretentious side of me was like, ‘no way, how embarrassing’ but then the ‘i don’t really care what people think of me’ side chimed in real fast and i was like ‘hell, yes, of course we put 99cent bows on the walls as decoration.  Long story short, I’m a big fan of whatever makes the environment more fun and inviting.  If that means doing themes, go for it.  I’m not fussy and as much as i love the idea of crafting i have the patience of a hungry puppy at breakfast, so i like myself a really low maintenance decorations.

Speaking of traditions, what is your favorite tradition?

Inviting friends over to trim the tree.  It’s like guaranteed fun.  Wine, Bing Crosby, warm fire (which in LA is virtually useless, except during that 10 days of winter we get here, its pretty awesome).  My husband always secretly leaves, changes into his santa suit, and then knocks on the door and does a whole santa routine for our friends…and he says he is not ready for kids.  Yeah right.   It’s always a total blast.

Ooh, i just thought of another one.  Christmas day we always watch ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Elf’.  I love them both very very much.

Do you prefer real or faux trees?

I prefer real because of nostalgia.  The shopping for it, strapping it to the car, trying to find the tree stand which we never find and always just buy a new one…and the smell, forget about it.  I do think that faux trees can be great, though.  But if I were to get faux i would get the vintage silver trees – i don’t like it when something fake is trying to be real.

How early do you listen to Christmas music??  (Please be like me and say after Halloween!!!!)

Unfortunately i would say about 10 days before christmas, as soon as i have time off I really get into the mood.  In New York it was earlier because it would get so cold and feel like winter, but in LA it just sneaks up on me.  But i do love a good christmas music.  My favorites are, ‘I’ll be home for christmas to Wham’s ‘Last christmas’ to ‘Baby its cold outside’. OMG this is so getting me in the mood.

Are you most likely to have a mod Christmas or a kitschy Christmas?

OOH, i love both. Last year there were so many Mad Men parties that were pretty awesome to go to, so I would say i’m pretty into that this year, too.

Favorite Christmas smell?

Apple cider, christmas tree, roast.  i love many a christmas smell.

Thanks Emily!!!!

BTW, her new show, Secrets From A Stylist,  is scheduled for March 2011.  Must we have to wait that long??!!!

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  1. It’s so nice to see HGTV having someone like Emily on board – her styling & design is so fun & stylish. I loved her take on her Christmas party – that’s our attitude too – whatever works!!

  2. This interview is adorable, Emily is charming as always. I can’t wait for her new show the preview episode was soooo much greater than anything I’ve ever seen on HGTV. She is going to bring that channel back to life.