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Cirque du Stella……

This last weekend my friends and I threw a shower at my house for our bestie who is prego with “Stella”. We have been waiting a long time to throw this particular shower so it had to be a good one. The theme was “Cirque du Stella”. We had to have a cotton candy machine because what circus party doesnt?? A full candy bar was a must and to even out all of the sugar we had a yogurt bar from heaven. All in all it was very successful. To bad Stella wasnt there to experience her party.

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Comments (23)

  1. Wow!! What a beautiful and amazing baby shower!! What wonderful friends you all are:)

  2. what a great shower! I love the the circus theme, actually I'd love anything with cotton candy!!! Sweet, pink and fluffy…just like a baby girl! xxx kim

  3. This was so amazingly beautiful and whimsical, and SO Stella 🙂 Love the pics

  4. SO SO pretty! I love your candy buffet. My friend is going to have one exactly like that at her wedding. Such a fun idea!!!

  5. Ah… So sad I wasn't there. You girls outdid yourselves… So glad you shared pictures, even without me asking! 🙂

  6. Looks like it was perfectly fun!! Wish I could have been there for baby Stella and Jen! You did a beautiful job (as always).

  7. What a great shower.. love everything about it! Thanks for sharing pictures 🙂

  8. Oh that looks fun! the baby showers I have been forced to attend are always soooooooooo boring & as UNfun as you can imagine!

  9. yes, it was the sweetest shower i've ever seen..every detail was covered down to the "S" for her on the wall..which is now in her room. Stella will always love you as much as i do & we'll never forget the special shower you did for us!

  10. stunning , you are one incredibly talented and stylish girl, lucky Stella! (i'm sure she'll enjoy the photos of her party when she finally arrives!) x

  11. I love the theme. You guys really went all out – you can't beat cotton candy 🙂