I was sitting in my living room with my hubby last night, chatting about life, kids, goals and everything else under the sun.  Don’t you love good chats with good friends or family??  Anyways, I took this picture of my favorite corner of the living room while chatting.  It feels so cozy.  Maybe tonight I will make some coffee and read a good book, sitting in this corner.  Or maybe I won’t and say I did!  xxoo

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Comments (5)

  1. okay, so is that a lamp on the table or a gorgeous vase? Whatever it is…I’m in love.

    By the way, loved meeting you at ALT! You are stunning and such a happy soul of bubbly inspiration!

  2. that looks dreamy.

    just wanted to pop in and say it was so fun to meet you in person at alt! you are just darling!

    i hope all continues to go well with you, and be sure to keep in touch!