DIY {Brass Flower}…

I bought this flowered shaped brass candleholder while thrifting a few years ago.  Though I like the shape, it felt dull and lifeless.  Isn’t a flower supposed to be full of life??  Anyhoot, I painted the inside of the large petals this fun tangerine hue.  It’s now a bold and modern accessories for my living room!

What do you think?

11 comments on “DIY {Brass Flower}…

  1. Krista on said:

    Love it! I wish I had the vision to take some plain and make it something amazing!

  2. Vintage Scapes on said:

    I think it came out great! I am all about adding a little paint to something to make it current.
    I recently painted a little teak tray and I think it turned out well. You can see it here:

  3. Super cool! I bet that orange takes it to a whole new level with a candle inside.

  4. kurt @ design furnace on said:

    you’re right on trend with the tangerine. it really sparks that old thrift find.

  5. Genevieve on said:

    A beautiful idea!


  6. tal marie on said:

    Love the tangerine color! And yes, a flower should be full of life!! xx, tal

  7. Such a great example how a little paint goes such a long way!

  8. kristen on said:

    what a fun idea and a great pop of color!!

  9. Laura on said:

    That is beautiful!!

    xx Laura

  10. simplygrove on said:

    It does!! Thanks:)

  11. simplygrove on said:


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