DIY Match Craft…

STYLOWI via Pinterest

Adoring this DIY that is easy, simple, and so affordable. Add a natural element to any space with this DIY burnt match wall art. Everyone has cardboard, matches, and glue around the house…let me know what you think!

9 comments on “DIY Match Craft…

  1. This makes me smile because my grandma had this exact piece in her house when I was a little girl! (In the ’80′s!)

  2. this is so cool i am going to try it soon

  3. Do you have the pattern of the cardboard you used?
    if so could you send it to me i wanna try thing for a birthday gift for someone. and everything i google it comes up as the cross!

  4. Amanda Middleton on said:

    can you email me the cardboard pattern? I really want to make this for my sister!!

  5. Lauren Ruddle on said:

    Can you email me the carboard pattern?

  6. Cianna on said:

    Can you email the pattern as well please?

  7. chris on said:

    Could you please email me the pattern for this I love it

  8. Brianna on said:

    Could you email me the pattern, absolutely love it!

  9. britney on said:

    Could you please email me the pattern as well. This is absolutely amazing!

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