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Electric Objects via Simply Grove

If you could compare just one home accessory with shoes, it would be art. Just as shoes can make or break an outfit, art can make or break a room. I am constantly changing out art in my home. Whether my mood shifts or I’m just rearranging a space, art is being moved around a lot!

Let me introduce you to something amazeballs! Electric Objects is a digital art platform with a mission to put digital art on the walls of every home. EO1 was created as an internet-connected screen that can play video, animations, high definition images, or web-based work. It comes in black or white and can be mounted on the wall or sit on a shelf/table with their stand.

Through their app, you can enjoy hundreds of original works of art made for EO1. They’ve partnered with artists like Björk, YACHT, and Sandra Gramm. You can now also find classic works from museums like LACMA, the National Gallery of Art, the Rijksmuseum, and more. They’re adding collections every week and you can also upload and display your own artwork.

When I first learned about Electric Objects, my brain quickly thought of 20 different places that I wanted to display this brilliant invention. In the end I chose our new breakfast nook (which you can see sneak peeks above and below). It’s displayed on a wall that is noticeable from the front entrance. The set up was a breeze!! The fun part is that I can literally change the art on the hour, depending on my mood. My kids love it too because they feel like little art curators. Eden picks the classics while Ethan chooses quirky photography.

Electric Objects via Simply Grove

Electric Objects via Simply Grove

In the app, you’ll see an area where you can view what everyone else with an EO1 is currently displaying on their screen. In this area, you’ll see both what people have uploaded and are displaying in addition to what Art Club pieces they are displaying. You’ll be able to follow other users whose art picks you like. And if you see an image you like, just tap on it and tap “display” to show it on your EO1 even if it’s a work they’ve uploaded themselves.

Electric Objects via Simply Grove

So really, for only $299, you are gaining hundreds of pieces of art. I think that is well worth the price.

Shop Electric Objects here. AND use “simplygrove” at checkout for FREE SHIPPING!


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